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Can i teach my baby to breastfeed after 7 months?

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Dear Moms!

I have been exclusively pumping for 10 months. My baby was born premature. At first i fed him with both breast and bottle (with my milk) but after 3 months my baby stopped eating for 2 weeks and since that time i have been feeding with bottle because he doesnt want breast. When he tries, vomiting reflex appears. I am tired of expressing milk and want to breast feed, I'd like to try. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed? Any success stories?

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Hi magda89 and welcome to Mothering. There are plenty of moms who have succeeded in getting their babies back on the breast. So please don't feel it's not possible. 


Anyone have a success story to share?

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have you tried using nipple shields? I don't have personal experience with this- but I do have a friend who got her premie to finally get on the breast using nipple shields

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