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Horrible creepy feeling while nursing..

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Just looking for some advice or if anyone has been in the same situation.. Dd is 20 mths old and an avid nurser still.. I am fine with that and really want to nurse until she weans herself but over the last week I just can't stand to nurse! Especially when she is comfort nursing.. I get this really creepy crawly feeling and It drives me insane and I can feel myself resenting nursing even though I don't want to wean her..I'm not pregnant I know these feelings can happen when pregnant but I'm not. Has anyone dealt with this and overcome it?
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I wish I had an answer for you, but I'm having the same problem with my older nursling. I don't feel it at all with the baby, but recently when my firstborn nurses I get the urge to push her away. Strangely enough, dd nursed through my pregnancy and I didn't get this same creepy feeling then, though I did have to deal with sore nipples during the first trimester.
She doesn't show any signs of being ready to wean yet, though I am generally able to distract her and put her off frequently. I'm interested in hearing what other mamas have to say.
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It's probably what's called D-MER.  I'm nursing right now so can't write a whole lot, but I'll post on it later.  I developed it from 12 months + with my older daughter, and had it from 0-5 months with my current nursling.  Guess I'm prone to it.  For me it was anxiety based, I'd feel almost panicky, but once I consciously caught myself and told myself it was just the milk ejection, the feeling was more tolerable.  Go to http://d-mer.org/ and see if that explains what you have...

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I had this with both of mine, and both times approaching the age of 2 years. I committed to bf at least 2 years. My first was still mainly bf at 2, so I kept going until 2.5 regardless of the aversion, but the second I weaned around 24 months. I hope you have better luck getting past it! But I'm glad it held out for you until todlerhood too. It would be much harder if it had started really young.
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Thanks for the link! It sounds the same as the d-mer thing except for me it gets worse the longer she nurses and it doesn't go away... Tonight wasn't as bad maybe I can just keep pushing passed it.. She's still nursing a lot and I have no idea how to wean her when she's so attached to it still.. It's so hard to distract her from wanting it.. Anyway thanks for all the responses it helps to know I'm not the only one
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Oh and for me it also comes on suddenly (after she's been nursing a couple of mins) and I feel kind of panicky too..
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I get this on occasion when my DS 15 months is nursing for a long time before bed and I just want to lay him down and be done! I get a creepy crawly feeling and super annoyed. I have heard others talk about it and call it an aversion.
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I occasionally get that feeling, it's like you're crawling out of your skin! Anxiety city! I just push thru it or pump and have hubby feed if its too strong. Wish I knew as well what it's from.
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I have looked into it more and it's a nursing aversion.. It's common during pregnancy but can happen when nursing toders as well.. I seem to have gotten it kind of early though which is sad.. For now I'm trying to push through it but I think it is getting worse over time greensad.gif I am hoping to be able to nurse until all of my daughters teeth come in and that could be a while.. Anyway I think it's fairly common and have found a lot of the threads in the "nursing a toddler" section to be really helpful.. It's just hard because I want to nurse but I physically can't stand it a lot of the time and my daughter still seems to need it so much
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I could have written this post when my two older kids were between 20 months and age 2 years. I weaned both of them when it occured because I just couldn't handle it. I wanted to keep nursing, but the feeling was too much. 


Good luck! 

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