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I am dealing with candida overgrowth of the intestines. When I take probiotics or cut sugar out of my diet I get bad nausea, moodiness, and headaches. Due to the reaction I go back to sugar and stop the probiotics. Well, I need to beat this...so I want to start the probiotics back up. When I get this reaction is it ok to be nursing? Do candida toxins get in breast milk?
My baby is 5 weeks old, I plan to nurse for 2 years or so, like my other kids. I don't want to spend the next few years of my life addicted to sugar. Has anyone gone through this? Advice?
I could start gradually reducing sugar, but it's the probiotics that make me REALLY sick, the nausea is so bad I feel like I have food poisoning and it doesn't the matter the brand, type, or dose size of the probiotic.
My concern isn't really the reaction, I can deal with that. It's the fact that I'm nursing my new baby and want to transfer the toxins to her or hurt her gut and make her feel bad.
Btw, we haven't had thrush. And want to keep it that way.

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I imagine it is safe to do the probiotics. You are getting sick because the yeast is dying off. I would just reduce your probiotic intake by 75% and work yourself up. Don't get back on the sugar mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How are you getting the probiotics? Kefir water? Pills? Yogurt? Dill pickles?
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I have dealt with candida for several years and when I became pregnant with my son it got buck wild! I was getting terrible thrush and yeast infections and itchy anus. The cause of mine was gluten and sugar, this is the case for many. Once I entirely cut gluten out of my diet, my problems went away mostly. I drink homemade kefir and kombucha every day and I make yogurt from local raw milk. Probiotics are absolutely vital for intestinal health, but too much too fast may cause reaction. More people have candida than ever thought, some day 80% of the population. Breastfeeding is still the best way to feed your baby, just work on controlling the candida.
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I agree with the other mamas, definitely treat the candida. The candida can transfer to your baby's gut through breastmilk, which is far worse than anything from the die-off reaction!


I had terrible...awful...no, HORRIFIC thrush with my 1st. It was in both of our guts, on his tongue, we both had skin rashes, my nipples felt like they were full of broken glass, etc. I cut out the gluten, sugar, and dairy (except for cultured stuff like yogurt, then only low-sugar yogurt), probiotics out the wazoo for both of us, gentian violet, topical washes with vinegar, olive oil, homeopathics, etc. UGH! Took forever, but it finally went away!


I'd say first reduce the amount of probiotics you're taking (powdered or capsules tend to work best for this), and gradually work up to taking the full dose a few times a day. If you're worried about baby's gut, try a little powdered infant probiotics - sprinkle a little powder on your damp nipple before nursing. (If baby is fussy or gassy after this, you'll know it's in her gut too...in which case, cut back the dose a little and work her up as well.) Cut out the sugar FOR SURE, try going gluten free / dairy free, and avoid anything that contains yeast, like bread or beer!! 


There is also a homeopathic 3-step cleanse system called Aqua Flora - AWESOME stuff!!! http://www.kingbio.com/store/manufacturers.php?manufacturerid=2  With homeopathy, there shouldn't be any side effects.


Another thing you can try is alternating grapefruit seed extract with the probiotics, just a few drops in a glass of juice taken internally can help quite a bit. You can also mix about 10 drops in a cup of water, and use it as a nipple wash if needed...just dry your nipples thoroughly before tucking them away. http://www.ehow.com/way_5189180_grapefruit-seed-extract-cures-candida.html  Again, shouldn't be any side effects.


Just remember, when you get that die-off reaction, or cravings for sugar, it's because the parasites in your body are dying! Think of it as a sign you're winning the battle, and keep fighting the good fight! ;) The die-off reaction will eventually start easing up as your gut becomes less invaded, and more colonized with the good bacteria. Good luck!!

Mostly WAH mama with DS1, 9yo DS2, 6yo DD1, 4yoDD2, 9mos & my awesome DH And surprise - another bun in the oven!
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Thank you for posting this!


I have a 22-month old that I'm BFing, as I did DD1 and DS1 (each for over 3 years). I had no intention of stopping, as the other two just self-weaned in the beginning of my 2nd trimester with the next baby. :) I am committed BF little one as long as he wants.


However, I just had a blood test done that showed parasites and candida in my blood. The natural practicioner that I saw is a big proponent of food-grade HP (hydrogen peroxide) and believes it is the only way to eradicate candida in the blood (in conjunction with probiotics and diet). But she says I can't take it and BF.


So, I am weighing this and doing my homework to see what else I might do, if anything, to get rid of these nasty critters in my body!


What have you heard, if anything, about HP?


I have read some frightening warnings about it online, including by a naturopath, so I am not sure what to think.


Thanks again! And blessings to you Melissa and your baby.

Mama , DH , DD (05) , DS1 (09) , DS2 (12)
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