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Three month old EBF. Some issues...

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First one is: he doesn't nurse well anymore when I sit. This is probably my fault as I nursed him in public and used a shawl, covered myself up as much as possible and he hated it. I am the only bf mama in my village, says my health visitor and am very shy to feed in public, but it is sometimes necessary when he has a growth spurt. Or I want to DO things. I hate being stuck in the house.


Second one is... since he now prefers nursing when I lie down with him, he nurses WAAAAAAAAAAAY more at night than in the day. Like every two hours, and not comfort nursing, but huge feeds and big, heavy nappies, he needs the calories and is on the smaller side.


Third one is... he doesn't sleep well next to me at all, grunts and whimpers all night. I have recently found out that I have a sleep and waking disorder, meaning I fall into scary deep sleep, even when baby is right next to me and he is not safe. I have had two massive seizures, too, so co-sleeping is not an option. And I think deep down, my tiny mammal knows that he is not safe at night if I am asleep and that is why he makes those noises. He sleeps perfectly fine in his cot a metre away from me.


Day nappies are not heavy and not frequent, and he is not too interested in feeding in the day. Maybe every four hours or so? Every two at night.



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Sounds like he is reverse cycling. Are you in a position to be able to lay down with him in a quiet place during the day? Maybe offer every 1-2hours when he is awake and see if you can increase his daytime calorie intake that way.

I found that around that age was the start of when them being quite hard to feed with other things going on. They were easily distracted but couldn't feed and watch at the same time. Then as they got older they learned how to watch and feed and it got easier again.
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We can lie down to nurse in the day sometimes, however, it is so hard for me not to fall asleep when I do... But will do it more often.


Thanks for the link, that is EXACTLY what he is doing! He is actually a good sleeper at night, doesn't scream and goes right back to sleep, he just needs the calories.

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