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need advice about getting mu supply up after 3+ years of nursing.

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I am planning on bf a new baby due in 2 1/2 months that my wife is giving birth to, and I'm looking for advice about getting my supply up. I'm bf my biological daughter (she is three) 2 times a day, and right now I don't have a ton of milk. I actually weaned her for 2 weeks, while pumping to keep my supply, and then we decided she would go back to nursing. Anyway, while I was pumping, I pumped 2x a day and got about an 1oz on each side, each time I pumped.  Has anyone been able to increase their milk supply after a few years of nursing, without pregnancy? I was thinking about a month before the due date I would just start to pump like crazy, is pretty much my plan. I'm not willing to have dd nurse more that 2x a day, cuz that is my personal limit with her. Also don't want to take any drugs. I have heard about herbs to take. Does anyone know if they really work/have any side effects?

I posted in the queer parents forum a while ago and got some good ideas, but hoping to get even more input here.

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Is your wife planning to nurse at all or will it be just you doing the nursing?

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i would dirnk mothers milk tea and take some alfalfa that help me to get my milk supply back up with my daughter

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Oregon herb pharm makes a tincture called "mother's lactation tonic." It contains extracts of chaste tree berry, fenugreek seed, caraway seed, fennel seed, and anise seed. I am nursing my 3 you old and use it when my supply is low and it really helps. I also eat at leasthe 2nd spoons of coconut oil a day so I'made getting enough fat. Keepin stress low and staying hydrated are big for me too. You should be able to find the tincture at your local health food store. Or check mountainroseherbs.Com they are a very reputable company and would surely have their own blend of tincture for lactation support. I would go for a tincture rather than a tea. It'seems stronger and more effective. The teas are yummy too. Try it all wink1.gif good luck mama!
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