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Mamagreene 06-19-2014 05:33 AM

Total Elimination Diet, free of bloody stool for 12 days
Hi all! Anyone else on the total elimination diet! We are on day 16 of the diet and day 12 since a bloody diaper! Currently eating turkey, rice, squash, white and sweet potato, pears, grapes, just added avocado this morning, salt, pepper and mint tea! My lo is doing great. We went from 10 diapers with stool to 2 per day! I wish dors would be more knowledgable about this, and more supportive of breastfeeding! I'm just so happy to find something that has worked! Anyone else on it? I'm trying to decide what food to add next :)

BushMama83 06-22-2014 07:39 AM

Mamagreene, that's great news! I'm not on the TED, but I am currently eliminating dairy, wheat, oats and eggs. I've seen a huge improvement in my baby's eczema and we've gone from stool in every diaper, often with mucous or chunky bits, to normal looking stools about twice a day. I'm thinking of trying to eliminate nightshades, too, as the eczema is not completely gone.

So glad you've had some success. Have you found the elimination diet to be a challenge?

apeydef 07-06-2014 07:41 PM

Hi. I'm not currently on an elimination diet but was when my son was an infant I was on one. He started having bloody stools as a small infant. After research I found that this could be due to dairy going through the breast milk. I Eliminated dairy and gluten and his bloody stools stopped. Of course when I mentioned the dairy issue to his dr. He denied that being the issue and said he probably has a cut or something. At about 6 months I was able to eat dairy again. I kept him off dairy until 18 months. He's 20 months now and I give him butter and yogurt now but he still doesn't have much cheese ( unless it's in something we eat, pizza for example) and drinks almond milk. I also kept him off gluten until about 18 months maybe a little before. He's seems to be doing ok. He still has soft stools but I am still BF so I just assume it's from that?? They aren't like diarrhea though. Hasn't had bloody stools since before 1 though. So the good news is your baby could grow out of it!

clearlycrazy 07-07-2014 02:36 PM

I've been on it for a week and are almost totally bloody stool free - but not totally free. I do eat chicken rather than turkey and no lamb. It's a bit exhausting and I'm really looking forward to adding food back in. I'd like to start with coconut milk. How old is your baby.

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