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forest~mama's Avatar forest~mama 10:20 PM 07-09-2006
I don't think I have a really big supply of milk(I know it incrases with increased nursing). One of my breasts barely works, despite trying to pump a lot in the beginning. What kind of pumping schedule should I start to get some back up milk in my freezer. My baby is still ebf, so I have to feed her constantly also. TIA for anay help-I'm totally lost here!

tiffany21074's Avatar tiffany21074 01:20 AM 07-10-2006
When i was pumping to get a stash going, I would nurse my daughter on one boob and pump the other, i get the best let down for that. I would try pumping with each daytime nursing..your supply should definately increase while you do this.
Love my 2's Avatar Love my 2 12:58 AM 07-11-2006
I second that
forest~mama's Avatar forest~mama 01:34 AM 07-12-2006
Thanks for the responses, ladies. I just think it would be a good idea to have some back-up milk. I don't want to ever have to feed my dd formula for any reason. When I pumped in the beginning, I hardly got any milk-it was hardly enough to save. I think I wasn't letting down. New mama-didn't know.