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aswbarry's Avatar aswbarry 05:07 PM 07-14-2006
Hi all,
I have been lurking here since shortly after the birth of my now 3 month old. We have had some breast feeding difficulties but I am determined to hang in there.
Anyway, I am currently on a non-dairy diet and am concerned about our intake of calcium. It seems a lot of good sources of calcium are in foods that bother her (such as dark green veggies and beans). I am drinking a glass of fortified OJ every day and taking a prenatal vitamin. I am concerned that may not be enough and I am wondering if TUMS have dairy in them or if that would be another good source for us.
Any suggestions of other food sources with calcium that aren't gas producing would also be appreciated.

Viriditas's Avatar Viriditas 05:50 PM 07-14-2006
Some off the top of my head: Tempeh, hemp seeds, tahini, almonds (or almond milk). I will add more if I think of others.
doerksend's Avatar doerksend 07:48 PM 07-14-2006
what about tinned salmon or sardines that have the bones?
appifanie's Avatar appifanie 08:34 PM 07-14-2006
tums do have calcium, but antacids sap calcium out of your system

broccoli, tofu, fortified soy milk
BelgianSheepDog's Avatar BelgianSheepDog 09:25 PM 07-14-2006
Make sure you get plenty of magnesium too, it helps the body absorb calcium. Almonds are a good source. Also, you can get a combined calcium/magnesium supplement, I swear by the one I take.
jenny-g's Avatar jenny-g 04:48 AM 07-15-2006
Tums are not a good source of available calcium. Get "calcium lactate" suppliments, which are the most easily absorbed kind of calcium. (Calcium citrate is also better than the tums kind (calcium carbonate which is NOT a good source)). It is good for you to worry about this, because calcium is leached from our bones even when we eat dairy. If I wasn't eating so much dairy I"d be on the calcium lactate at least three times a day. Your prenatal probably gives you enough magnesium and D to absorb the calcium..
pjlioness's Avatar pjlioness 11:39 AM 07-15-2006
We drink Pacific brand nut beverages here - Almond Original for me, and Hazelnut for the kiddos. Rice milk is also a possibility if you are concerned about allergies (not that one can't be allergic to rice, but it is quite rare in our culture).

I had to go dairy free for a time with both kids while nursing, and switched to rice milk w/ds1. Once he was okay with me having dairy again, cow's milk just didn't taste right to me anymore, so I stopped drinking it. Ds2 is allergic to dairy, and he does fine on the hazelnut *milk* and good quality calcium supplements.
kittyhead's Avatar kittyhead 01:37 PM 07-19-2006
if you can find a way to work blackstrap molasses into your diet, it is a good source of calcium. i put it on my oatmeal. im allergic to dairy, and i dont do well with soy, either... but i eat almond butter every day! also try cooked greens like collards and kale.
lyttlewon's Avatar lyttlewon 02:03 PM 07-19-2006
Here is a good list of sources'calcium%20food%20sources'

Don't forget you need vitamin D as well. The daily requirement in the summer is 30 minutes a week. Vit D is fat soluble, it stores, so you can expose a little each day to get the benefit.
dachshundqueen's Avatar dachshundqueen 11:30 PM 07-19-2006
For a yummy thing, I put some ricemilk and coconut milk in the blender with 2 kale leaves and a banana. It turns green but you can't taste the kale.

In addition to all the vegs, legumes and seeds that I eat I do take a sup.

pjlioness's Avatar pjlioness 11:49 AM 07-20-2006
I made scrambled eggs and greens a lot a few years ago - nearly every day for a while.

Chop up the greens.
Mince garlic - 1/2 clove for every two eggs.
Put olive oil in frying pan.
When it's hot, add the garlic and greens.
When the greens are slightly wilted, add the eggs.
Chop, scrape, and flip the mixture until it's done.

mmskids's Avatar mmskids 04:47 PM 07-20-2006
I'm in the same boat and thankfully DS doesn't mind soy. I mix granola with soy yogurt for breakfast. I usually have a tall glass of OJ too. At lunchtime and dinnertime, I just eat a viactiv chew instead of trying to eat/drink anything else.

Stay away from tums. My OB recommended it with my first DD and it screwed my stomach up.
aswbarry's Avatar aswbarry 07:26 PM 07-20-2006
Thanks all for the great suggestions! I have no excuse now not to get my daily calcium requirement.