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mimid's Avatar mimid 04:57 PM 07-19-2006
I posted this to MOBI, but I'm all for getting the most responses and tips, so here goes...

Hi all! Just a quick re-intro since I’m pretty much a lurker here (but I learn so much from everyone!)…I’m Miriam, mom of triplets who had an emergency c/s and a bad reaction to my meds so I didn’t get the support I needed those first couple days to bring in my milk. I’ve been struggling with it ever since. I’m taking Dom (30 mg 3xday) and Fenugreek (3 caps 3xday). I also take Metformin for insulin resistance (not PCOS, but “some type of PCOS-like disorder”) and I have oatmeal for breakfast, 2 bottles of fake beer and 2 cups of milk tea (different types depending on my mood) each day. I’m feeling fuller and more tender, but when I pump I only get about 5ccs every 3 hours. However, I put all the girls to breast when they seem to want it and I’m slowly seeing more bm poop so I believe I’m producing more than 5ccs in 3 hours. Bur, here’s my dilemma.

Chaya is my strongest nurser and also a comfort nurser. (the other two are really into their hands and/or a paci but more hands now) She also has a tough time sleeping at night 2-3 times a week and will nurse all night in a side-lying position and also often naps that way as the other 2 like their swings for naps. The other 2 aren’t really good at side-lying either. She is also very possessive and will just cry if I try to latch a sister on with her once she figures it out. She also has a hard time taking a bottle from me and refuses a paci from me. Now, her last poopy diaper was 90% bm poop, but her sisters’ are just 5-10% is at all. So I know that Chaya is getting the most bm. Now, should I pump before feeding so that I can split up the bm evenly? Do I stop the comfort nursing unless I’ve just pumped? Or do I let it continue knowing that as she sucks more and more I’ll get more milk and will someday (hopefully) have enough that all of them will get some? I try to rotate who gets to nurse first, but when Chaya gets into her “I was bm and nothing else” mood I’m kind of stuck since none of the girls nurse well when a sister is crying.

My other question is about pumps. I have a Symphony on rental from the hospital and it is due on the 22. I have 2 used PIS here. Should I give back the rental? Or should I invest in a Lactina or Symphony? I know they are expensive, but I’m sure the resale on them is pretty good since they are made to be rentals and can handle more use than a PIS.



TurboClaudia's Avatar TurboClaudia 06:18 PM 07-19-2006
miriam: major to you and lots of love for doing the best you can for your perfect girls...

my instinct says to just keep up with how you are doing things: trying to rotate who gets to nurse first, changing it up if Chaya gets into a "mood". you *might* try to pump first and then nurse Chaya, but if you find her getting frustrated because of the slower milk flow you might consider changing back. i'm not a mom of multiples, but i have a friend who is very acutely aware of her children getting the "same" chances at e-ve-ry-thing (also not multiples, but quite close in age) and the kids get really frustrated with their mom. mom thinks she is doing the best but it seems that her guilt over not being able to financially provide for her own children makes her get too logical about those situations. i know that's not the same at all, but just because Chaya is getting more mama's milk right now doesn't mean she is going to get more of everything all the time and your other two girls will get more of some things at other times. does that make any sense at all?

as for the pump, i think how many times a day you are pumping should affect your decision. if you are pumping more than a couple times a day, i think the investment in a lactina or symphony would probably be worth it.

also just a reminder to make sure you are using the right size horns for the pump and have you tried all the tips for improving let down/milk ejection reflex? i see you include fake beer in your daily routine... how about a few drops of rescue remedy before pumping? do you have a routine before pumping, i.e. drink a cup of tea, sit in the same chair, play the same music, etc. i'm sure even the word "routine" is somewhat of a joke in a household with three baby girls!!!

again, lots of love and hugs to you and your family...

mimid's Avatar mimid 02:40 PM 07-20-2006
Thanks Claudia! My concern isn't so much that they all get the same, just that they all get 2 oz a day. Chaya doesn't seem bothered by my low supply as long as there was something. Shira and Batya, OTOH, want some reward for their actions. So, I'm thinking of pumping before soothing her for a bit.

I got the right sized horns, but I have never heard about Rescue Remedy. I'll have to try that, too. Just right before pumping? Or should I take it a bit before? I usually get my tea and pump while playing online so that I make it like a treat.

Thanks so much!
mmskids's Avatar mmskids 04:21 PM 07-20-2006
I watched my sister nurse twins and I can't imagine having triplets. If Chaya wants to nurse, I would "use" her to build up your supply. Her pedi recommended taking 1-2 ounces off and then nursing. I would definately pump and then feed her. Will she let you feed one of her sister's at the same time? If so, you may want to do that. At least that would give them each a BM every other feeding.

Though my sister only had 2, she found her DS wanted BM and nothing else. Her DD couldn't care less. She breastfed both until about 5-6 months and then finally gave formula to DD. Her DS was 3 before he gave up BM.

As for pumps, is there any way to get your pedi to "deem" it medically necessary? I know my sister got hers through her insurance the entire year. She told her pedi she couldn't get the hang of nursing "two fisted" and her DD refused to wait her turn.
TurboClaudia's Avatar TurboClaudia 05:16 PM 07-20-2006
miriam, i used to take the rescue remedy just a few minutes before pumping, and it helped me relax even more, which aided the letdown/milk ejection reflex.