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Shell_Ell's Avatar Shell_Ell 10:18 PM 07-20-2006
Anyone use homepathic treatments for bacterial breast infections? Is there any literature I can read about it?

I have a bacterial infection, not "mastitis" to the full degree, just sort of lingering and making it painful to nurse my 10 month old. It's been hanging around for a few months but I haven't gotten a fever or other symptoms, just breast pain.

I saw a Dr/IBCLC today and she prescribed antibiotics. Are they really needed? Could I clear this up with something else less invasive? I'm just not sure what I want to do. I want to look into other options before I just start taking this pill.

What would you do, or have you done to treat a breast infection?

Shell_Ell's Avatar Shell_Ell 10:21 PM 07-20-2006
OH! I should also mention that low supply is a constant struggle for me, so I'd be leary to use anything that might effect that.
Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 10:37 PM 07-20-2006
You can try this product: http://www.hmedicine.com/homeopathic.../1075/q_breast

I used it in past successfully, even though not for bacterial infection.
Otherwise I'd recommend seeking a professional homeopath to heal you find your personal constitutional remedy.

Also this homeopath specializes in homeopath is lactating women:
I have contacted her before for help and she was very helpful. She does phone consultations as well. She has a book out there called: The Homoeopathic Physician’s Guide to Lactation I'D LOVE to have it, but it's around $80 : Still, perhaps one day I will buy it! You can buy her book at www.minimum.com if you are interested.

Hope you feel better soon!!
Oh, also I'd REALLY recommend the ZAPPER if you have not heard about it yet: http://www.drclark.net/info/zap_start.htm
You can buy it on eBay for cheap - it works GREAT!!!!
pamamidwife's Avatar pamamidwife 04:27 AM 07-21-2006
Fiercemama's Avatar Fiercemama 03:45 PM 07-21-2006
If you've had it for months, and its not going away, have you had it aspirated to see what's in there? Could it be a milk cyst or abscess? Neither of these is going to go away just with abx.
Shell_Ell's Avatar Shell_Ell 12:58 AM 07-22-2006
I don't think it's an abscess or a cyst. It's not anything localized, it's an overall achy, stinging kind of pain.

I have had this for about two and a half months off and on, these past few weeks it's been the worst. I haven't treated it so far, but this time it's been bad. It's been very painful the past two days, so I decided to give the antibiotics a shot (along with some kefir and probiotics to prevent thrush) If they don't work I'll have to look into something else.
boheime's Avatar boheime 11:52 AM 07-22-2006
What about Wild Oregano capsules?
treehugginhippie's Avatar treehugginhippie 01:50 PM 07-22-2006
Originally Posted by Shell_Ell
What would you do, or have you done to treat a breast infection?
Me and another friend have taken raw garlic for breast infections. I chop the clove up into little pieces and swallow it down w/water. Nature's 1st antibiotic
veganf's Avatar veganf 02:06 PM 07-22-2006
phytolacca decandra