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I am a new,1st.time mother of a 5 week old.Since we came home from the hospital she has these horrible crying spells, along with her kicking w her legs, arching her back.All these occur mainly after each breastfeeding.First,w thought, she was colicky, but realized it is not the case: she does this all day long- not only in the evening - and since she was 2 dys old - not 3 weeks old-and it doesn't last for 3 hours / luckily / Then I thought she mayb allergic to milk, so I didn't have any dairy for 10 days:didn't work, she was still crying.Then I gave her Mylicon o/a Gripe water, thinking that she might b gasy: din't change anything.Then followed my nurse practitioner's advice: didn't feed her every hour, wait at least 2 hours between 2 breastfeeding.I was told that she gets much of the front milk, if i don't wait for 2 hours. Unfortunately this still didn't change anything: same amount of crying, frustrated parents, etc.....

Can anyone help me??
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I go to a BFing group meeting once/week and I have heard other moms talk about the behavior you described, so it's not uncommon. Unfortunately I can't for the life of me remember what the LC said might cause it... I think she might have suggested propping the baby up in a more upright position when feeding - don't let her lay down flat. Also, keep her upright for awhile after each feeding. If those things don't work, maybe your milk flow is a little too fast for her. Try leaning back, not forward, when you nurse her. If you lean forward gravity takes over and she might be getting too much milk in her mouth.

I'm not sure if those things will work, but you can give it a try. If they don't work, you can check out the La Leche League web site for a chapter in your area and give them a call. I had problems with my DD when she was a newborn and one of the LLL leaders came out to our house (on a Sunday!), free of charge, to help me out. You might also want to consider calling a Lactation Consultant.

I hope things get better for you soon!
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Try at Kellymom:

Hopefully some more informed others will see this thread soon!

anna kiss partner to jon radical mama to aleks (8/02) and bastian (5/05)
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My ds2 was pretty fussy when he was new too. I eliminated beans and broccoli for a few months and it was helpful for him.

The thing about eliminating dairy is that you need to do it for at least 2 weeks to see the effects. You also should read every package of everything that you eat and see if there is dairy in it. You would be surprised at just how much food has it.
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Back arching can be a sign of reflux, she might need medications to help. You don't have to have spit up to have reflux:

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This is what my ds had. He would eat a little then scream in agony arcing his back and crying until he passed out. He spit up a lot with discomfort. His tummy was always bloated even hours after a feeding. He reached the point where he was barely eating at all. He was initially diagnosed w/ acid relflux and giving Zantac which he hated and didn't help for more than a day or so. He was diagnosed w/ an upper GI. I too gave up milk and all other dairy. And lots of other stuff. None of which helped and we're talking for weeks cause I tried everything I could before the ped gave in and referred us to a Ped GI doc. Pyloric spasms work like this: babe eats then the tummy tries to empty by squeezing food out the pyloric valve. His valve was not completely closed like stenosis, but it did not open readily and when he would eat and the milk would try to empty he would be in agony, horrible agony. Because the stomach was compressing and the food had no where to go, it came back up most of the time. Which led to the reflux. After a long battle w/ our ped and frankly my loss of any respect for her we called the GI doc at home on the weekend and he got us in on Mon. He diagnosed the spasms based on the info in the Barium swallow test and gave us a medicine called Bethanichol. He told us it would take about 1 week to see result if any. W/in 1 week my son was a different child. He ceased to be bloated, he finally ate and napped more like normal, he coud be put on his tummy without horrible paina dn he all but quit spitting up. The GI doc said the med. is very cheap to make so there is no money to be had on it whic is why it is rarely prescribed. It was made from scratch (or compounded) so no alcohol and my son loved it. It is also primarily for treating urinary incontinence in adults which is why most peds have no idea about it. My ds was on it until he was 1yr old and has come off of it and had no problems since. I tell you this not to diagnose but because everyone wanted to chalk my ds prob up to milk in my milk and reflux and it took a lot of diligence to find the right diagnosis, so hang in there until you get help. He doesn't have to hurt! Remember the squeeky wheel gets the oil! Make an *ss of yourself to whatever doc will listen until you get help. And if your insurance will allow it bypass your ped all together if you can't get a referral and go straight to a ped. GI. Good luck and I hope you find some relief for your little guy.
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It sounds like reflux to me. Check out this link:

Read the part about Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and then the following advice on what to do.

- E . Single mom to DS  E (15.12.05),  T (reincarnated 18.04.08) and DD   A (11.02.11) and  Hoppy      
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Another thing to potentially consider is that you have a forceful letdown or an over supply problem.

Try pumping through your first and/or second letdowns, and then giving your child the breast and see what happens. If your milk is to forceful when it comes out, you could be causing him to choke/gag on your milk (really like a firehose hitting you in the back of your throat).

Melissa S.
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