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smeep's Avatar smeep 11:50 PM 07-22-2006
He bites. I was just about to start writing this when he bit me again! I pulled him off and told him no and then he cried and then I switched sides. But what do I do at nite? Last nite he was just in a bad mood, waking up crying and wanting to nurse every hour or two. Eventually I was so tired that it took me a while to register that he was crying so by the time I would get him latched on he would be mad and he would BITE me! What do I do at nite? Last nite I just let it go because we were both half asleep and I didn'tw ant to end up staying up longer by pissing him off even more. should I take him off and tell him no even at nite or would he not make the connection because he's so sleepy?