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Goat's Rue for Insufficient Glandular Tissue?

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I am hoping someone here will have some experience with what I am going through. I am new to these forums but I am so excited to have found this site--y'all are my kind of people!

I have Insufficient Glandular Tissue/hypoplastic breasts. My breasts are very asymmetric and the LC at the hospital confirmed that I have very little glandular tissue in my smaller breast, and probably "not enough" in my larger one. I desperately want to exclusively breastfeed but I am starting to accept that that is not possible for me. DS is 6 1/2 weeks old, and we have had to supplement with formula since he was less than a week old because he lost so much weight so fast in the hospital (we were both kept in the hospital for 6 days, him for a pneumothorax and breastmilk jaundice, me for very high blood pressure).

I have tried lots of things--breastfeeding and/or pumping every two hours, pumping right after breastfeeding, drinking LOTS of water, eating well, getting more sleep, fenugreek tea, fenugreek pills (3 pills 3 times a day), Lactation Blend pills, eating oatmeal--and nothing has helped enough. At his pediatrician once they weighed him before and after breastfeeding for 40 minutes and he gained less than an ounce. The most I have ever gotten from pumping was 1 1/4 ounces on my larger breast (I only get several drops from my smaller one), but 1/2 to 3/4 of an ounce is more usual.

Anyway, my point to all this is, in one of my near-daily internet searches for a solution, I came across a site selling Goat's Rue. Supposedly it can actually stimulate the growth of breast tissue. Has anyone tried it? Have you had any success, and if so, how long did it take until you noticed results? Thanks for any help, and for bearing with my rambling.

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The local LC here reccommends Goat's Rue, Blessed thistle (3pills 3x/day) and Fenugreek (2pills 3x/day or 4x/day). She swears by it. Fenugreek worked pretty good for me, I went from pumping 1 ou/side to 2.5 ou/side. The blessed thistle made me a feel odd (but I'm really sensitive to any meds/herbs). There is a tea with goat's rue in it from a company called Blessed Herbs www.blessedherbs.com The tea is Nursing Mothers herbal tea blend. I tried it and it did help immensely, but the chammomile knocked me out too much so I stopped- BUT it did help a lot! The infant massage therapist that reccomended the tea to me said everyone she's given it to swears by it and it'll increase your milk prod by 50%. The tea comes in a big bag. It's real tea- very very strong! I put juice in it to make it sweeter. You boil water, then pour it in a container with the tea (2/3 c) and let it sit, then strain it into a glass. I was told drink 1qt a day. I am going to go out and by Goat's Rue herb to see if that'll help me also! I'm interested to see what people say about it. Good luck and your baby is lucky to have you for a mom. Any amount of breast milk your baby gets will help! (I also have to supplement, trying to keep prod up as much as possible though!)
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Wow Elizabeth I could have written your post! My son is also 6.5 weeks old and we are having the same difficulties. I have insufficient glandular tissue due to PCOS. I did a google search of PCOS and breastfeeding and eventually discovered why I'd been having such a hard time. Through this research and talking to a La leche league leader I spoke to Lisa Marasco, who had done her masters thesis on the subject. I spoke to Lisa today and she highly recommended goats rue in aggressive quantities. She said that it would take a few weeks to work, but that it has been known to increase breast tissue. I'm hopeful! I've been pumping for 6 weeks and can give my son a bottle of breastmilk every day or day and a half. It breaks my heart that he is getting such a small amount of breastmilk. I found goats rue capsules at motherlove.com. (Lisa mentioned that the tincture is rather vile tasting!) If you'd like her number PM me!
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I am busy. But wanted to give you this for encouragement. It is to another poster but for you too. Goat's Rue with the blessed thistle and fenugreek works great. I wish you well!

I am so sorry that you have been going through this difficulty. I have been going through a similar situation with my twins. I nursed my previous babies for 3 years, so this was very very grievious for me. I used to cry buckets of tears. My babies are now 7 months and I have come to just accept things the way that they are. We are still using the SNS (I used the Lact-Aid also). Be sure to switch sides half way at feeding to stimulate both sides. It is the next best thing to nursing. Even if your little one gets just little, it really is a LOT! At Kellymom.com, there is an article that shows studies that just 1 tsp. of breastmilk has 3 million germ fighting cells! That really encouraged me to keep going! Also, the less the breastmilk, the more concentrated it is. I would type in "1 tsp. breastmilk" at google.com and you will see the article for kelly mom. You can go to the kelly mom site but I don't know what you would type in - maybe immunity. Another thing I would suggest, is using Madela's SNS (supplemental nursing system - two tube set). Start with the medium tube and then work your way to the smaller tube about a week later. Your baby will get less formula and will build up your milk supply. I have been doing this and noticing more breastfed stools. Eventually I hope to get the babies on just the breast only. I have read many cases where it does happen. It just takes some endurance and work. As for the solids, I did not start mine until 6 months. I think the article you were refering to may have meant 8 months? That is more consistent with what I have read. I have read it is not best to start solids until 6 months minimum due to allergy issues. Go with your gut feeling. Us moms have that built into us. The La Leche League Womanly Art of Breastfeeding book suggest the same that I mentioned. Also, natures way of the baby taking the solids when he or she is ready. Such as the eruption of teeth, chewing on things, ect... To me this is more of an obvious sign rather than someone's opinion. I wish you well. You are doing the best thing for your little one!
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I went to IBCLC after IBCLC, LLL, and doctors....and no one knew about anything related to PCOS and insufficient breast tissue. NO ONE. I struggled, did my own research, doctors put me off with this air of "she doesn't know what she's talking about" and I ended up giving up. My daughter weaned at 7 weeks. She only got at most 4 ccs of milk from BOTH BREASTS at a time.

Thank you for giving me faith that in my next pregnancy, I can hope to breastmilk without feeling like a looney with pipedreams.

I'm all weepy now...because I could have breastfed. Damn doctors.
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Hippy Freak,

I'm so sorry that you had to go through such a bad experience. It seems like I have had to learn a lot in life due to bad experiences trial and error. You could still breastfeed if you want. I think it could work. Your little one is still very young. Have you considered nursing with an SNS? If you did, I know that your milk supply would probably come in. Especially if you take the herbs (goat's rue, blessed thistle, and fenugreek), there is a chance to produce some milk. You might have to use the SNS through every feeding, but at least your baby would get some breastmilk. Just something to think about. Take care!
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Talking about it with my husband....if it doesn't cost us that much money, I'll try it. I need to find a long-term SNS though. The one I had was a makeshift medical supply one, and got thrown out.

If I can do this, I'll try. But how MUCH goats rue is enough to grow breast tissue?
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