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Abram's weight has been a bit of a concern, his birth weight was supposedly 8lbs 5oz, but we are questioning that, as at less than 48 hrs he was weighing 7lbs 6ozs, the next day he was up to 7lb 8ozs, 6days later he was down to 7lbs 4oz, but was going up to 4 hrs between feeds, so for the last 6 days, I've been making sure he nurses every 2hrs during the day, and at least every 3 at night, he nurses well, he is content after nursing, I seem to have pleny of milk, and I've nursed all the other kids with no problems. Today, he weighed 7lbs 6 oz, so only up 2 ozs, my ped thinks its probably ok, Abram, looks good, not dry, he's peeing and pooping lots, she said to come back in 2 days, she'd like to see him gain an ounce, she'd take half an ounce, but if he lost , or gained none, I'd have to supplement. I don't see how this would help, she said it'd be "extra calories" but it'd have to be instead of, because he is totally content, and sleepy after nursing. I don't want to do this, and honestly I don't doubt the quality of my milk. The ped said every pregnancy is different... well I've nursed three children, exclusively without starting solids till at least 6 months, and I just don't buy that this time I don't have good enough milk. Help? Ideas... suggestions, please, I'm in tears over this and nobody else, seems to think its a big deal to give him formula, and honestly I don't think that would fix it anyway
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i'm assuming all these weights were NOT taken on the same scale, which could truly make a big difference...

what was the birth setting like? was he born in a hospital after you were given an iv of fluids? that can often artificially inflate a baby's weight initially so the normal first few days weight loss can actually look like more.

you might consider just following your gut and doing what you believe is the best for your babe. if you believe that alternative baby milk will not solve the problem, don't give it to him. if you believe there is in fact no problem at all, don't go back to the ped unless something else comes up.

here's a page at kellymom about nursing through the early weeks:

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I agree with the PP that if the scales were not the same for the weights, then they could be way off. I took DD to the health unit to be weighed, and according to their scale she hadn't gained any weight in 3 weeks. (this was when she was 4 months old) I immediately made an appointment with my doc and took her in. She had gained. Only a few oz but still enough that she wasn't worried.

So, I say go back in 2 days like they said and make sure your LO is measured on the same scale without clothes, keep doing this. I hope all is well in 2 days and you have a great gain to report!

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I agree about the scales no 2 will give the same weight and they can be off by as much as a pound in some cases. From what you have described he seems to be doing very well other than the weight thing. If you dont feel there is a real problem with your milk then I say dont suppliment. It can take some bfed babies a little while to gain. Or it can be the opposite. Now that you are nursing him more often, great idea by the way, things should pick up faster.

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you don't have to do anything you don't want to. peds are so used to seeing either fully formula fed kids, or bf with supplements, that they don't know the normal range of variation in exclusively breastfed babies anymore.

my baby was a very slow gainer, very sleepy. but she had plenty of diapers, and that's what counts. obviously something is going in to create those dipes. it is not worth giving a bottle of formula, which will disrupt the balance in the gut flora and could lead to illness. it can be a big deal.

you're the mother. you know your baby is okay. you don't even have to fight with the doctor if you don't want to, you can simply smile and nod and continue bf'ing. you don't have to keep going in there for weight checks.

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