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StephNelson's Avatar StephNelson 11:52 AM 06-01-2008
Ok I may be crazy (thats a good bet..lol) but I had been wondering why I was having breast pain, lower supply, much lower morning pumping...ect...
I was trying everything to up my suppy or keep it the way it was when this morning at 4 AM I had a thought.

I have been sleeping FLAT on my tummy the last 2-3 nights with my breast pressed against the mattress. I was wondering if that was making a milk issue? Well from 4 AM until 7:30 or so I slept on my back and then when I pumped I got much more it is going back up... I seem to still have a clogged duct, but it is hurting less so it must be getting better...

Ok ladies do you think the flat tummy sleeping was the cause?


DWAXSMOM's Avatar DWAXSMOM 04:40 PM 06-01-2008
Absolutely! Compression can cause less milk production. Also, it can cause clogged ducts.
tanyalynn's Avatar tanyalynn 12:55 AM 06-02-2008
I had problems sleeping on my stomach the entire time I was nursing, it just didn't work out. It broke my heart at first, because before pregnancy, I was a tummy sleeper, and I expected to return to that after my stomach wasn't huge with baby. But nope. So it sounds like a strong possibility from what you described.
mytwogirls's Avatar mytwogirls 05:13 PM 06-02-2008
The same thing happened to me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to sleep on my tummy but I make a point not to sleep there because of supply issues. It sucks but I bet if you try sleeping on your side or back it will make a difference. Good luck mama.