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I was thinking. . .maybe it would be nice if those of us who have previously given birth wrote down a version of our previous birth stories. I know I've been thinking about it a lot. . remembering things that will hopefully help me this time. Just a thought.

Be, happy momma to Liberty (12-31-02), Henry (3-17-07) and Prudence (7-02-09)
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So I'll be the first to go.

10 days post date with my DD I went in for my weekly check-up. My bp had risen significantly and the u/s that I had a few days before (that they hadn't conacted my OB about until that morning) showed that I had an extremely low fluid level. I didn't even get a # because the only pocket of fluid had cord running through it so it couldn't be measured.

I was sent to the hospital for an NST and the strong liklihood of an induction. I was 2 cm 50% effaced but she was totally not engaged.

I had lunch, got my bag and meandered my way to the hospital. I was on the monitors for a VERY short time and during a contraction (that I wasn't aware of) dd had a major heart decel. My OB was in surgery but the Chief of OB strongly recommended that I stay, get admitted and go for the induction.

I was admitted, and put in a room. The had me hooked up to those da*n monitors the entire time even while waiting for my OB to get out of surgery to begin the induction. At around 4:30pm they started me on pitocin. I made a deal with my OB that if I got to 6-7cm that I could go off the pitocin and continue on my own, doing what I wanted to. That was the best carrot that could have been put in front of me.

I didn't find the pitocin all that awful (not great, but certainly managable). It was the constant monitoring that I found difficult. I couldn't get comfortable and for a long time I was freaked that there would be more heart decels (there weren't). To eliviate some of the difficulty of the monitors I just made sure to go to the bathroom a LOT. . every 45 minutes, every 30 minutes, every 20 minutes. My room was big so I usually got to unplug, shuffle across the floor, stop for a contraction, go to the bathroom have 1-2 more contractions, shuffle back stopping hafl way for a contraction before getting back into bed (and then waiting for a nurse to come reposition).

I was checked sometime around 10:45pm and had made it to a good 7cm. The nurses weren't happy about it but I was given a heplock and taken off the monitors. I nearly ran from the room just to get the opportunity to walk.
I hit transtion when I was at the furthest point away from my room but there was no way I was going to stop. It was then that I had the most pain during labor. . the stabbing shooting pains in my buttocks and upper thighs were the most difficult for me to deal with. I made it back to my room at probably around 11:45pm and asked to use the shower. That felt nice. While in there I felt the need to start bareing down. I got to the bed, the nurse checked me and then began scrambling to get everything ready and page the doctor.

Things were then a bit of a blur. I know that it was 12:00am and that I needed to push. The doctor came in and looked a bit grumpy (I think he'd been woken up), took one look at me and pretty much yelled at the nurse, "How long has she been pushing?" The nurse told him that it was my first push and he started moving faster than I'd think possible. I think I had 8 contractions and she was out by 12:15am.

We nursed for about an hour and then I wish we'd left. . ebcause it was dealing with all the hospital crap in the postpartum nit that was realy the worst.

I did skip the funny things. . like when I told my DH to shut the f*ck up, or when my DH and aunt both peered into the toilet to look at my mucous plug or when DH took pictures of my sack and placenta.

Be, happy momma to Liberty (12-31-02), Henry (3-17-07) and Prudence (7-02-09)
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Here's my birth story, copied from my blog:

Basically, I was in labor for 40 hours. I was able to labor without pain medication for 36. It's a long story, but I went from natural childbirth to having my membranes ruptured, to receiving Stadol to take the edge off the pain, to receiving Pitocin to help me dilate, to an epidural to ease the pain, to a vacuum extraction to finally get the baby out.

I'd dilated to 4 pretty quickly, but couldn't make any progress after that, until the Pitocin. Even then, I got to a 9 1/2 and just couldn't keep making progress. Several nurses checked me and agreed that the baby's head was tilted, meaning that he had been pressing into my pelvic bone the whole time and wasn't able to make his way down.

As much as I had wanted to avoid it, the epidural worked out fine for me. I got a really low dosage that numbed the pain, but allowed me to feel the contractions, as well as have feeling in my legs, etc, which really helped me be able to push well. Plus, I got to feel the baby's decent and I felt him being born. It was awesome!

The vacuum extraction was not something I wanted to do, as well, but after pushing for an hour and a half and not progressing, I was told it was the vacuum or a c-section. Vacuum please.

My labor ended with me wearing an oxygen mask, a nurse on either side to pull my legs back into my chest, Ben encouraging me from the top, and the doctor pulling the baby via vacuum, at the bottom. Whew.

Finally, the moment that made it all worth it: my beautiful baby son was placed on my stomach. He entered the world screaming and pooping, and was still the most precious thing I have ever seen in my life.

Daddy Ben looked him over and quickly decided he was a Luke Michael. He cut the cord and we oohed and aahed over him until our heart's content. I know that I got a few small internal stitches and the labor room was a buzz of activity, but all I can remember is my sweet baby boy.

I had really wanted a natural birth, but it didn't work out that way. There are a lot of things that factor into that. I was warned that as soon as we went to the hospital we would be on their "time clock" and they would only let me labor so long before intervening. I learned the hard way that this is true, but live and learn, ya know? Before pain meds, I handled the pain by getting in the shower, bouncing on the birthing ball, and walking. Overall, I think I got over the whole birth ordeal pretty well. I'll certainly aim for a natural birth the next time around and I'll have more confidence and information to help me succeed.
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Here's mine:

I'd been having light cramping since Thursday morning, nothing that I paid any attention to. Sunday night they seemed a little more regular, but still just a dull pain. I had a bath around 8pm to see if they would subside, or if they'd keep going. They stuck around obviously.

At 1:30 or so, DH and I decided to go to bed, and my contractions got a little more intense. At 2:25 I started to time them to see what was going on. At this time I still figured after I fell asleep they'd go away. I was able to time them myself until about 3:30 and then Jeff (DH) took over. I had to vocalize through them at this point. At 4:30, we stopped timing them and I got up to make a post and clean the kitchen. I figured if this was it, I wanted the kitchen to be clean when my doula arrived. We took the dog for a walk, and then I sent Jeff back to bed.

While he was sleeping I tried to sleep between contractions (impossible!) and then ended up taking a bath. My labor was all in my back, down my right leg, and in my hips. There was no comfortable position for me. The bath was nice and spaced the contractions out some. At this point they had been coming every 2-3 minutes and lasting 45 seconds to a minute.

At 7:30 I woke DH up because I didn't feel I could get through them alone anymore and we had some things to take care of. He called our Doula and gave the midwife a heads up about what was going on. (Unfortunatly our Doula was MIA until about 10). Tracy (my midwife) asked if we wanted to come into the BirthCenter and I wasn't sure. I had no idea how far along I was, and didn't want to end up in there to early. Since I didn't seem to have a latent phase of labor, I thought thats what I was doing. We ended up deciding to head into the birthcenter at about 9:30.

Contractions in the car were terrible, and would not leave my hips or right leg. I had no idea the pain would be there and was kind of shocked by it all. At 9:40 we arrived at the birthcenter. Our room was set up with candles and was really cozy. Everything was as I had pictured it. They checked me and I was at 6-7cm with a bulging bag of water and +2 station. I got straight into the tub and labored there for about an hour getting out to pee and have a few contractions on the floor and bed. I only ended up having contractions on the bed because I was getting checked again. After only an hour and a half at the birthcenter I was 9cm, and the baby was +3. I had a couple intense contractions on the bed, and then promptly threw up which is probably what got me to 10. I used the toilet again and got back in the tub at noon.

As soon as I entered the tub my body took over and started pushing. I was scared and wanted with all my might just to stop it. There's nothing like it. It was the most intense, radical moment of my life. I pushed twice and my water broke, and then 8 more times and he was out. My baby boy had arrived!

They layed him on my chest and he sputtered and gurgelled for a few minutes until he started to breath regularly on his own. He pinked up pretty quickly. After about 15 minutes his cord stopped pulsing and Jeff cut it. I handed him over to Jeff and got out to deliver the placenta on a birth stool. I had no urge to push, so that part was a little weird, but easy compared to what I had just done.

I have a small second degree tear that only needed one figure 8 stitch.
He has a perfect latch and nurses wonderfully.
I'm in love. Welcome to the world Julian!
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Here's the story from my last birth:

I went to bed October 30th 4 days overdue and feeling very ready to have a baby. I woke at 2:30 feeling quite nauseous but was able to get back to sleep. At 3:30 I woke with either a large movement or a BH, not sure which then I felt a little hand or foot tear through my bag of waters. I got up to go to the bathroom and after I peed I waited for a gush or trickle but nothing. Maybe I was wrong? I didn’t want to get into bed and have it gush there remembering that we didn’t have the plastic sheet on the bed yet. I squatted over a towel and got a gush and saw some vernix so I knew for sure.
I have felt for months that this would be a fast labor and I had a feeling my water would break before labor and if it did, labor would be really fast, I am very glad now that I had the premonition and was able to listen to my body. I turned on the water to fill the tub and told a sleeping Ken (my husband) that my water broke. “It did?” “Yes, call Pat!” (our midwife) Ken went out to get the phone and came back into the bathroom and asked if I was having contractions “Ken, call Pat NOW!” I wasn’t having contractions but I knew it was coming, I was hoping getting into the tub would slow things down. Ken called Pat and then called Stephanie, our good friend and support person for the kids. Ken came back into the bathroom and told me Pat was at another birth but was finishing up. I glared at him and was thinking ‘You better get ready buddy – it’s all on you’ but was unable to vocalize that thought. He reassured me that Pat was finishing and was on her way – that made me feel a little better but it didn’t make him feel any better as he told me later he wasn’t sure she would make it.

Ken came back in the bathroom. I gave him a few orders – get my lavender candle, get me some water, turn on my music and then I need you. When he came back with my candle and water I told him I was scared and I needed him to talk to me and tell me everything was going to be ok. He was wonderful reminding me that everything would be fine, that I could do this and that I was strong. A few minutes later the contractions started. After I had 2 or 3 I felt much better about my ability to handle them. After 3 there was no time for fear. They weren’t consistent in spacing, length or strength. At some point in time I asked Ken to unlock the front door and write a note telling Pat & Stephanie to come on in. He had already done that.  After about 5 contractions I was vocalizing. It was obvious this was going to happen very fast. I was already in transition. I was shaking and went from hot to cold back to hot before I was able to say it out loud. Ken was trying to massage my back but it was hard for him to reach me and I couldn’t turn around because I needed to lean out of the tub – I couldn’t stand for my hands or arms to be in the water.
This time there wasn’t the exchange of small talk or jokes between contractions, no sweet looks and loving kisses, we were just trying to get through. Poor Ken was thinking I was awful bitchy and bossy for it being so early in the game.
During a contraction I heard some noise Ken looked into the bedroom and said “Pat’s here.” When the contraction was over Pat was in the bathroom. I told her I was scared. She asked me what I was scared of and I told her “It’s different” her response was “Every birth is different, your body knows what it is doing, you are doing great work, listen to your body” I wanted to tell her that I KNEW all births were different! I’ve had 3 babies – this is DIFFERENT! She was concerned that I was scared because she didn’t understand that it came from me knowing it was coming so fast. She told me later if I had been able to tell her that she would not have been worried at all.
Pat was on her knees talking with me, I asked her who had just given birth as I know all of her present clients. She told me it was a couple I didn’t know. I told her she didn’t have time to take care of people I don’t know!  She said “I know, you’re right, I don’t”

By this time Stephanie had arrived with her son Aiden and they were in the family room. All of our kids were still sleeping so she was just hanging out.
The contractions spaced out for about 10 minutes and then I felt very pushy. I would push for just a few seconds during a contraction. I reached up to see if I could feel a head – the first time I felt for it I had to reach in about 1-2 inches before I felt the head. At this time I almost asked Pat to check me, I was a little worried that I wasn’t complete. I didn’t have time to ask her. With the next contraction I was pushing whether I wanted to or not my body had taken over. I reached in again and the head was right there. I had entered the ring of fire! I really wanted Ken to catch the baby this time. In my head I was saying ‘Ken, please position yourself to catch the baby.’ What came out was KENNNNNN, I was screaming, the pain was extreme. In my head I was remember a birth video I had watched where a woman birthed in her tub at home and the baby just happened to slip out as she breathed heavily, no screaming and I wondered why I was in so much pain!
Ken was in position to catch the baby, he was massaging my perineum, “I have my hands on the head” two pushes and the head was out, “I have the head” I got a break and was really enjoying it – part of me thought ‘That’s it, I’m done, no shoulders for me, thanks’ The head being out without the rest of the baby made Ken and Pat a little uneasy but I was in no hurry. Pat encouraged me to push the baby out. The way Ken was positioned she couldn’t see the head and she was getting a little nervous. “Keri, push your baby out” “Come on Keri, push your baby out” “SHUT UP!” was my response, I am pushing damnit! I thought. I planted both feet on the floor of the tub and pushed as hard as I could. The baby was out and Ken laid her immediately on my chest, he was crying. I took a peek to see what we had and announced that it was a girl!

Stephanie came in holding Aiden asking if it was ok for them to come in, of course it was. I asked Ken to get the boys. He stopped at Brendan’s room first and pretty much yanked him out of the top bunk, Cory came out of his room, my screaming woke him up already. Ken was saying “We have a new baby girl” The boys came down and were beaming from ear to ear. Cory asked her name and I told him it was Avery McKenna, they both approved.

The cord was short so I had to keep her low. For a moment Pat was a little worried about the amount of blood in the tub and asked if we could cut the cord. I asked her if we would wait a while longer. A few minutes later she told me she was fine with the amount of blood and no longer worried. Well after the cord stopped pulsing Pat prepared to clamp it but the cord was so short she couldn’t really get to it so I had to deliver the placenta first. Avery was nursing and we waited for a contraction and I just had to push a little to get the placenta out. Ken asked the boys if they wanted to cut the cord. Cory said no thanks but Brendan was very willing. Pat clamped the cord and asked if we wanted to say a prayer. Without prompting Cory said “Thank you Lord for our beautiful new sister.” What a beautiful moment, I was so proud! Brendan tried to cut the cord but needed help from Ken. Stephanie was taking pictures.
I moved to the bed. Pat examined me – no tears or abrasions. Pat was taking care of all the post birth stuff. She was examining the placenta. She asked if we wanted to see it. Ken, Cory and I all said no. Brendan came in the room and I asked him if he wanted to see the placenta – he jumped at the chance, he had also carefully examined Kerianne’s placenta with Pat.

Ken pulled out the call list and the spreading of the news began. Of course everyone wanted to know how big she was but we didn’t know yet so they would have to wait.

A good friend and neighbor saw all the cars out front and knew I was either in labor or had the baby. She brought over some crushed ice – she knows I like it and when she opened the front door Stephanie told her I just had the baby, she came back to our room and congratulated us.
Kerianne woke up and Ken went to get her. He brought her into the room, she pointed to the baby and said “Dada” which is her word for baby. It was so wonderful to be there with all of my children.
Pat was ready to do the newborn exam whenever we were, Avery was about 2 ½ hours old. After the exam Pat weighed her and asked for guesses beforehand. I said 8/2, Ken said 8 even, Pat said 8.5 and my neighbor Chandra said 10 pounds – I looked at her like she was nuts. Pat placed Avery on the scale and Ken said “I want to change my guess” I asked why and he said they were already at 9 pounds and were still moving. Pat said 9 pounds, 8 ounces! I said “Are you sure?” Ken said “I’m looking at the scale.” I asked again, she just didn’t look like a big baby to me, she surprised us all.

The herbs had been steeping on the stove and Avery and I took an herbal bath together. Pat helped me out, drying me off very tenderly. While I was in the tub Pat got a call from another mom, her water had broken but no contractions yet, it was going to be a busy day for her.

Pat had us sign some papers, gave us instructions, congratulated us, told us she loved us and was on her way about 4 hours after the birth.

Stephanie asked if we wanted her to stay, leave or take Kerianne. We chose to have her take Kerianne so that we could try to get some rest and relax. It was nice to have this time to focus on Avery and cop a nap.

 Keri wife and Mama to  Cory 17,  Brendan 15,  Kerianne 8,  Avery 7,  Lilia 3
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I have two
My first though is not very long I don't think. I really should write these things down.
I had been swelling for awhile, weeks, I looked like the marshmellow puff woman. I went in the day after I turned 40 weeks, still now dialation, nothing, I was a mess. My parents were coming down on Friday, they were only staying until Sunday and kept on me to have teh baby so they could see her. So i couldn't stop crying, totally freaked out, my bp was high, actually it was on the high side of normal, but my bp is usually really low. So my ob siad, "we are inducing you tomorrow." i was actually happy. My dh called his office and told them that he would be starting baby leave the next day.
So we got to the hospital at 7 am the next day. They put the stuff in my cervix to ripen it. I was horribly bored, but I couldn't get up. They made a mistake with my iv and put me through a bag of water in like an hour. I had to pee so bad. After they came in and saw the bag gone they slowed it down a little. At noon, I had dialated to 4, so they broke my water, that was huge relief. Then my contractions started. The nurses kept coming in and saying that my contractions were better than those who were on pictocin. i was proud of myself. It was really hard though because they wouldn't really let me walk around. When I walked, I leaked, it was uncomfortable. I was able to sit in a chair, which also was uncomfortable. So I ended up mostly in bed, which was the least. I ended up getting a shot, don't know what exactl it was, so I could sleep for a little bit. At four a nurse, yes, really, I don't know why this happened, came in and I told her that I couldn't take it any longer. She checked me, yeah a nurse checked me, and said"Honey you are like 8 cms, this will be over real soon." My midwife came in shortl after and told me that I was still barely 4, they would have to start pictocin. I told her that I wanted an epidural first. So they went around and tried to find the person to do it. She finall came, prepped me and started the torture. It turns out I have a small epi space, should have never gotten one. She poked me 7 times and I guess my back was a bloody mess. My dh was about to kill someone, I was totally oblivious to all of this though. All I knew was to tell her if I felt something, which I did most of the time. But it did finall get placed and I felt nothing after that. They started the pictocin, oh by the way, it took about 3 hours for all this, and i slept until midnight. I woke up and told someone that I was feeling pressure, thinking that the epi had worn off. She went and got m doc who told me I was ready. Then the horrible nurse who was holding my other leg held it all wrong, my dh had it right and I kept asking her to hold it like my dh, "Oh no honey, if I held it like that it would hurt you..." You are hurting me now!!! So I pushed for 3 and a half hours. It really didn't seem like that long, but it was. Natalie was born at 3:30 in the morning. Oh she was so beautiful. I loved her immediatly. My stay at the hospital was pretty good. What sucked was that the next day, I ended up with a horrible headache. They brought me some motrin, it didn't help. I ended up having to have blood drawn to put back into my back, it didn't help. This is when the guy told me I shouldn't have had an epi. I was pretty miserable for the next two weeks. And it didn't help that my parents wanted to go and do everything 2 days after I delivered.
And then Layla. I was so sure I was going early. We were in Hawaii and I thought it might help to have someone here with Natalie while I was in the hospital. So we asked my dh parents to come and visit us the week before I was due. I seriously tried all noninvasive means of helping me into labor, epo, rrl, walking, sex, pressure points, pineapple(don't even like pineapple), everthing. And I was having contractions every 5 to 10 minutes apart for the last three days they were there. They just stopped at night. So, the night they are leaving, we take them to the airport, by the way, we went all over the island that day, and they kept asking me if I was alright. I was actually a little upset that the contractions were stopping. So we drop them off, they ask if we are sure they want us to go. I tell them to go because I would feel really stupid having them stay and once again for them to stop at night, it is 7 pm by the way. On the way home I ask dh to get a jamba juice cuz i am not hungry. So that was our dinner. I nursed Natalie to sleep, contractions didn't get any stronger. Dh took a shower since he had to go to work the next day. While he was in the shower, I tried to lay down, I couldn't, it hurt. So I got up, bounced on my ball, ate some popcorn and cheese. He came out and saw me rocking back and forth against our dresser. I kept going back and forth between our dresser and bouncing on the ball. My contractions weren't really any more painful, but I couldn't lay down. He filled up our bathtub, lit some candles in there and I got in. It started a routine of him laying outside the tub rubbing and pouring water over me during contractions and us both sleeping between them. The water would get cold so we would get out and I would rock and sway for awhile, then fill the tub back up. At about 1 am, he thought I was in labor. I still hadn't even lost my mucous plug, nor had my water broke. There was no way I was going to the hospital to be strapped in a bed again. My contractions started coming right on top of each other. He said, you are in labor!!! He checked me and thought I was at least 6 cms. So we called a friend to come pick up Natalie, and drove to the hospital. Again, in total denial that anything was happening, I insisted on walking the whole way to the l&d floor. We got there at about 2, they didn't think I was in labor cuz i made no sound during my contractions and my water hadn't borken. So they strapped me up to the monitors I swear i about took the head off the nurse. They wanted me to lay down on my back. They kept coming in to tell me that they baby was in distress, I yelled at them that I was moving and the montors kept coming off. My midwife came in, checked me and said, 8 cm, bulging bag, get her to a room! Well, we had to switch rooms because it wasn't stocked, got to the next room and my mw checked me again and found my mucous plug. She also told me that if she broke my water now it would go pretty quick, if not it might be another hour or two. I didn't really care, so I let her break it. Then she goes back around to gettin gthings ready and say, you will probably go through transition soon, she looked at me and said, you are in transiton. I felt no different. She was getting stuff ready and told me that I might feel the urge to push soon. She looked at me again and said, you are pushing, stop!!! And then she started moving really quick, telling me to stop the whole time to stop pushing, my dh looked at me and said, i will catch the baby, you do whatever you need to do. So I did. She finally got back to me and said that I needed to slow down so I wouldn't tear, I looked at dh again, and he just squeezed my hand, he trusted me to do what I needed to do and that was what I needed. So I kept pushing, she told me that I needed to lean back because the baby was stuck under my pelvic bone. I so didn't want to lean back, but I did and it did feel better. And Layla popped out soon after that. I was holding her when I heard my midwife say, "Oh, there it is" as I felt her, I thought she was checking for tears, and she ripped my placenta out. I screamed. I had made like no sound during labor at all, but I screamed, it hurt so bad. After that I started shaking, I was so cold. They brought warmed blankets for me but told me I could only have ice chips, which made me even colder. And they took Layla away, her body temp was falling too because I wasn't holding her. I knew if I could hold her that I would warm up, she would warm up but I couldn't, they would no longer let me, and I was shaking violently. I did calm down after awhile, and I got to hold her. I am not sure I let her down after that. My hospital stay sucked though. I had to room in wit someone else whose daughter watched tv non stop. And we were all sick. The only highlight was that my night nurse came in and saw me sleeping with Layla and told me "You look like you have done this before, I won't bother you" She did come in at the end of her shift to tell me that the next nurse would not be so cool with it and to sleep lightly and pretend that I was just nursing her. Oh and the sad thing was that Layla was born about 8 hours before my dhs parents landed.
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I will try and post my story later today, but here is a link to our slideshow from Mateo's homebirth. Hope it works.

stay at home mom to 2 girls 11/20/03,3/09/07 and 2 boys  2/28/05 and 11/16/10 and one on the way 1/13/12

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I was very overdue and the midwives sent me to the hospital for testing. Thankfully the monitor showed nothing remarkable and the u/s (for fluid level) was fine. One of the midwives from the birthing center was at the hospital for a transfer and came down to check me and such. (I was supposed to go back to the birthing center for all of that, so she was just saving me the trip.) I was about 3 cm and starting to efface. I think that was Thursday or Friday. That Sunday Dh went to a fooball game with my stepfather while my mom and I went to the movies. By dinnertime I was having really mild contractions and kept rubbing my belly. That night I went to sleep and woke up around 6 am with what was obviously real contractions. I took a shower and then called the midwife on call who said they needed to be closer together and I needed to be at 4cm in order to stay at the BC. I figured it wouldn't take that long...

Then our apartment building shut down the water for repairs or something - which was really annoying because normally they gave notice. So Dh and I walked around the neighborhood and I went swinging in the playground. When we were at home I ate a lot of oatmeal - the only thing I wanted and rested a lot. By afternoon my contractions had slowed down. My mom finally made it into the city by about 4 pm. And she hung around helping us time contractions. At this point the water was back on and no longer looked like brown sludge (thank god! all I wanted all day was to hang out in the shower) I basically stood in the shower for an hour to get the ctx back up to the 3 min intervals we needed. At that point I called the BC again and they said to come in. This was very shortly after 9/11 and the city was still a mess traffic wise (I also lived downtown) so it took us at least an hour to get to the BC. Once I did, and I finally got seen (they had misplaced my file...) it was determined that although I was at 4, I was obviously too comfortable. So the midwife sent me around the corner to a cute restaurant. We went, and by the time we got there I was really uncomfortable. I didn't really want to eat, but I had some tomato soup because I knew I was going to need the energy later. Once we were done Dh and mom decided we should walk around the block. But once we got outside I hung onto a lamppost and said - Take me back. Now.

Once we got back to the BC I was in the shower. After a long time I decided that I'd rather lay down, but that was really painful. I wandered around a bit and then asked to get in the tub. The midwife checked me and I was at 6. I sat in the tub, then got out and hit transition really hard while laying on the bed. They finally convinced me to break my waters and to get back in the tub. I started pushing in the tub, but found it to be really uncomfortable. I didn't like the lack of gravity. (That and the midwife kept sticking her hand up me to hold back a cervical lip for me to push past, and that was absolutely the most painful thing ever. I was sort of having a labor meltdown where I was begging to be taken for a c/s and saying all sorts of random crazy things like that I didn't really want to have a baby. One of the nurses got up in my face and basically yelled at me at that point - and I nearly clawed her face off. At that point, my mom convinced me to move to the bed. There I pushed and pushed and Dd was born after about 30 minutes. 9lbs 4 oz. 2:15 am on Tuesday (I was 14 days "overdue" and I would have been forced into an induction that day if she hadn't have been born.) And as soon as she was placed on my tummy she pooped a massive quantity of meconium all over me. The nurses laughed that they had never seen so much.

I got stitched up and the nasty nurse was making comments about how much blood I had lost. They shoved pit in my thigh - which really pissed me off. The next morning though I was in a puddle of blood and passed out when they got me out of bed to use the bathroom. They made me stay longer than the usual discharge time (8 hours) to monitor me. I was stir crazy and just wanted to go home. I did wind up with some strange bleeding issues though (I passed big clots and pieces of tissue for two weeks and had PP bleeding for 14 weeks) so I can understand.


This time we planned a homebirth. We had moved out of our tiny NYC apartment and were renovating an old home. We had only moved in two weeks before my due date (before that we were in a motel as we had sold the apartment). Baby was about a week overdue and I was going beserk. I carry pretty low, but this was insane. Dh had a new boss from hell who wouldn't let him take time off of work for anything, so my MIL (a CNM) came down to hang out with me and come to my appointment. We went out to see the midwives and she checked me - I was about 3 and pretty effaced. She gave me some homeopathics and some castor oil recipes to take the next day. MIL decided to stay over and so we went home. (with some bonus car trouble mixed in - tip: when calling AAA in the snowy winter about car issues, telling them you're about to go into labor will turn a four hour wait for service into a 15 minute one!) Dh headed off to work that day (Friday) and I took the homeopathics while MIL and I ran some errands. We had bought a Christmas tree a few days before, but Dh overestimated our new ceilings and bought one too tall. Our builder happened to be there that day and when he saw MIL trying to trim the tree and bring it inside he did it for us and then ran like a bat out of hell when he realized I was going to have the baby. (I still laugh when I think of his face that day.) MIL made me the castor oil cocktail (tip: mix it with lots of ice and OJ. Also some fresh orange peel to break up the oil and blend. Drink with a straw it helps bypass most of your tastebuds.) And I started having regular ctx. I called Dh who left work (a good 2 hours away) and he met my mother and they drove down together. MIL and I decorated the tree and we all had a lovely dinner. Dd was 2 and after we put her to bed MIL, mom and Dh all started to set up the birthtub. We should have looked at the directions ahead of time because Dh wound up running to Wal-Fart at 10 pm to buy a tool! I sat downstairs in the recliner and read a book, stopping for ctx and vocalizing when I needed to. Around 11, my mom came saying that MIL though it was time to call the midwives. I thought it was still too early, but mom called anyway. Almost as soon as she hung up, the ctx intensified and I went upstairs to get in the tub. Sadly, we hadn't planned it all every well and we wound up draining the entire hot water heater and it's accompaning silt into the tub. Oops. So MIL and mom were filling stockpots with cold water and boiling them on the stove. We decided, that since it was just brownish water and not really sludge that it was safe provided my water didn't break. So I hung out in it anyway. When the midwives arrived at about midnight I was out though because the tub just wasn't doing it for me. My good friend arrived a few minutes later - we had asked her to come as childcare, but Dd slept the whole time so she was like my extra doula. At one point we sent Dh downstairs to sleep (he gets up really early) and so it was just the women. That was really nice. I was so tired, all I wanted to do was lay down, but it was impossible. I *needed* to be standing up during ctx and if I layed down I wasn't able to get up. So I went along with this strange babydance for awhile - every few ctx getting up and going to sit on the toilet. At some point, everything seemed to get much stronger. I was starting to buckle under the pain. It was so different than the first time. I felt like I had to pee constantly, but I had no urine. I kept expecting that "needing to poop" sensation, but it never came - only the urge to pee. The midwives hesitantly offered to check me (they told me later that they didn't think I was very far along because I "wasn't complaining enough". I love that.) and found I was at 8. The bloody show came out with the midwife's hand and everything from there on was excrutiating. I headed down to the toilet and during my ctx I felt baby's head start to descend. I ran (okay, waddled really fast) back to my room to try and lay down - but that wasn't going to work. It was too painful. The midwives pulled out a birthing stool and it was perfect. They asked my MIL if she wanted to catch, then my mom and somewhere in there I yelled Dh!
Oh? he wants to catch?
I dunno. Go wake him up!!

He came up all bleary eyed rolling up his work shirt sleeves (really unusual for him, he's normally out of his work clothes as soon as he walks in the door)and sits in front of me as I'm bearing down. The burning, oh the burning. The midwife put rescue remedy cream on my perineum and in the next push Ds was out from head to bellybutton. The rest just slipped out. Full OP - no wonder! It surprised us all, but it made perfect sense. He was also born in the caul. The bag split right down the middle and the wtaer oozed out and he started to cry with the bag over his face. One of the midwives pulled it off and it was clear that it was a boy. A boy! Dd had been insistant that it was a boy. MIL, who had five granddaughters, was so excited. He was born at 2 am Saturday. 9 lbs even.

The placenta took a long time to come out. And it finally plopped out into a basin fast and furious like the baby. At that point I wanted to lay down on the bed. It was maybe 20 minutes after the birth and we heard Dd waking up down the hall. Dh brought her in and the look on her face when she saw her brother was amazing. We missed much of the birth on video, but that we have and it's priceless. She came and kissed him, and the midwives put him in the sling to weigh him and she freaked out. MY BABY BWOVER! PUT HIM DOWN! She then asked for a snack and to go back to bed. Dh snuggled up with Ds and I and fell back asleep while I helped the midwives fill out the papers. At one point they asked him to sign some form and he was so alseep that he nearly signed the line denying paternity. He got a little smack for that one! Then we dozed off and everyone took apart the tub and cleaned up for us. It was wonderful.

(All except for dh's boss from hell who made him come to work on Monday morning. :insert UA violation here: )
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Oooh, I love having all this reading.

Be, happy momma to Liberty (12-31-02), Henry (3-17-07) and Prudence (7-02-09)
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I'm not much of a writer, so it's brief and not very detailed:

You can find me on Facebook. PM for info.
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Robin's birth (I can't believe I never typed this up before!)

Robin was born at 42 weeks. At 40 weeks, I was having contractions often - a few hours every day pretty much. But nothing too intense. I walked and ate pineapple and eggplant, but didn't stress. At 41 weeks, I knew I pretty much had 1 week before I'd get induced, so I got a bit more proactive. Homeopathics, prenatal massage, accupressure, more eggplant, EPO and RRL, squatting, walking, etc. DH was out of town 5 days a week for work, but we dtd as much as we could. I was now going in for regular NST's and fluid checks and all were *perfect*. I went in on Tuesday for my regular NST, etc. The NST was perfect again, but my fluid was low. The midwife said I would have to come in the next morning for induction. I tried to negotiate, she said no, I started crying and telling her that I wanted more time, that this wasn't how I wanted labor to start. She sent me home to drink lots and come back that afternoon for a 2nd fluid check. I drank constantly for the next 3 hours, but still had a low check that afternoon. I had to report to the hospital at 8 am Wednesday for a cervadil induction : . MIL drove DH up to meet me (at Red Lobster - we had crab legs) to come to the birth. I was having contractions - randomly and not super strong, just like for the past 2 weeks. DH and I DTD (2ce, plus oral to ingest prostaglandins), and I bit the bullet and did an enema (to me, that was the last straw I would try to motivate labor).

By midnight I was in labor . I was thrilled to avoid a chemical induction. I watched TV, tried to lay down in bed but too much adrenaline, tried to time the ctx, took a shower, etc. By 4 am, i was ready to head to the hospital and had called the midwife (CNM). I got there, and proptly puked while changing clothes. DH is majorly phobic of puke, but he held a tub for me so I wouldn't have to get to the toilet. I got checked around 5:30ish and was at 5 cm. My doula Jenn came, and she was an awesome support throughout. The CMN changed at 7, but the new midwife was running late, so the night one checked me at about 7:30 - I was "almost a 7". After we got settled in, we all tried to rest a bit - DH was sleeping, I was trying to sleep b/t ctx (they were 4-5 minutes apart, so not a lot of sleep). The new midwife checked me just before 9 and the first thing she said was that I was only 6 cm after 9 hours of labor and that they needed to give me pitocin (she said the other midwife was exagerrating to make me feel good). I was floored and didn't expect it. I said no and that I wanted to continue to dilate naturally. We agreed to discuss it again in 1 hour. Jenn, Clint and I got up and moving. We walked the halls, squatted through contractions, sat on the birth ball, sat on the toilet, etc. - everything active we could think of. I got rechecked by 10:30 and told no progress, let's do pitocin. I declined again and negotiated one more hour. We left the room and stayed away for an hour and a half, this time throwing asymetrical squats into the mix. (in retrospect, I don't think my body was responding well to the pressure of a deadline and probably needed a REST - but no hospital care providers will accept that course of (in)action)

So, the next check just before noon, I apparently was still 6.5 cm. I agreed to be given pitocin under 2 conditions: 1) that we would agree on what the mw wanted to see (frenquency and duration of ctx) and that when we got there, no more "bumping up" the pit, and 2) that the mw would support my desire to NOT have an epi or pain meds and would help me with pain management. The nurse came and put me on pit and a ctx monitor (portable, thankfully, so I could still move around the room at will). Then the mw disappeared into the mist! The nurse kept coming in every 30-60 min. to bump up the pit. The ctx. were getting 2 and 3 peaks and very intense, everything we had discussed as desirable- but the mw didn't come back to talk to me, and everytime the nurse came in I was mid-ctx and couldn't talk. At one point I remember yelling "stop!!" at her and demanding the mw. When the MW finally came back (she had gone across the street to see patients!), I was furious about her not actually monitoring me and following through on our agreement. She was pretty defensive - but stuck around for the rest of my labor!

I spent a lot of the hours from 1-6 on the birthball, rocking through ctx, and going to the bathroom to pee (which was miserable). I felt like my cervix was touching the ball - lots of pressure. I also sat upright on the bed, leaning forward with my legs butterflied. But I felt really in control of myself the whole time. I managed the pain through rocking, getting quiet and focused. DH got snapped at a few times for touching me in the wrong spot or talking , but he and jenn were great supports. I threw up 2 more times through out the day, managed to eat a bagel at some point (before the pitocin) and drank lots of juice. I had a low fever that came and went, so I got hot and cold all day. And my BP measured high unless I laid on my left side - so they'd take my BP, then have to lie me down to take it again - which made managing ctx very difficult. I attempted the tub once, but it was a regular bathtub and I *had* to have my legs totally spread to manage the pain, so I had to get out immediately.

At one point, I remember thinking, this is extremely difficult and we have no end in sight. I was having 2 and 3 peak ctx, 60 second ctx with 20 seconds in between, etc. And I still have to get through transition. I asked the midwife, "do you think I'm heading for transition?" and she said,"I think you've been in transition for the past hour." I was so MAD that she hadn't pointed that out - it would have been a big encourgament. She checked me and I was complete, and we said I'd start pushing when I felt the urge. I peed, then started pushing. I pushed for an hour - pretty intense, 3 long pushes per ctx. I felt like my body was doing it without me. Like, I would start pushing, then this force took me over and centered all of my power on pushing. Between ctx, as the hour passed, I collapsed and tried to catch my breath. It was exhausting. At one point, Clint looked at me and said, "you're going to make me cry" I didn't understand - i was so caught up in the work, but he was witnessing a lil miracle. It made me re-focus a bit. After an hour pushing, I felt the ring of fire. The mw had been doing perinneal massage when I started pushing, but I found it really painful and distracting, so I asked her to stop so I could push for a few ctx and just feel that. But she never started again, and I don't think she provided good perineal support as Robin crowned. Her head came, then one more push and the rest of her. I was trying to see in the mirror, but couldn't, and DH was crying for real now, and no one was talking - so I had a moment of panic and asked what was wrong - her cord was short so they couldn't give her to me. DH told me that it was a girl, and they asked him to cut the cord - I protested about waiting, but they said cord was too short. SO they put her on my chest, and I fell in love. (they whole time I was pushing, the nurse said to push him out, and mid push I'd grunt out "OR HER!" - so they were giggling over that when she came out a girl)

I have no recollection of delivering the placenta (i mean, I pushed it out, but it's all a blur). I had a 3rd degree tear, and got a local and stitches, got cleaned up, etc - all a blur. Clint and I just huddled over her on my chest and glowed. It was my favorite moment ever.

There were definitely some lessons learned, and I'd never trust that mw to deliver me again. Also, this time around I have a lot more trust in my body and won't be pushed into things like the pitocin. And if I were planning another hosp birth, I'd wait longer to go to the hospital - firt-time adrenaline got the better of me. I late read studies about low fluid in post-term babies - it's not nearly as risky as it's treated and basically is a sign of impending labor. I wish I'd known that at the time. But overall, I was able to avoid major interventions, handled the pain really well, and I was never the one freaked out or stressed about progress (other than when I was faced with a deadline). I'm proud of me, and of Clint and most especially of my little girl.

Oh, and the stats, after 19 hours of labor:
8 lb, 2.7 oz
21 inches (I think, gotta check)
no meconium, no vernix either
apgars of 9 and 9
She was perfectly healthy and *smiled* in her pictures the next day.
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thanks mommas - keep the stories comin!
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I love reading all of these birth stories!

Here's mine

My midwife told me at my 37 week appointment that she was SURE I was going into labor within 24 hours. Then she quit. So, we ended up with a new midwife we'd never met, at 38 weeks. The new midwife read over my file and told us that the first midwife was concerned about the baby not growing, and ordered a u/s. The u/s predicted baby would only be about 5.5 pounds at 40 weeks, which was the cutoff for a birth center birth. They gave us the option to choose, but I was so freaked out by the prospect of having a teeny baby (and that something could be wrong) that we decided to switch to the hospital.

At our 41 week appointment, the midwife said she would like to induce me the next day. DH and I were disappointed, but at the same time relieved because it felt like we had been waiting for so long at that point. We agreed to go to the hospital at 8 am the next morning (Friday) to have Cervadil applied to my cervix. We called my mom, who got tickets for the next morning, and then went home and spent the whole day finishing packing the hospital bag (procrastinate much?!) and doing laundry. DH had a friend over for a last-minute visit. I went to bed at about midnight, totally exhausted and super nervous!

I woke up around 1, and I wasn't quite sure what woke me up. Then, right when I was drifting off to sleep again, I felt another really strong contraction. Wow. I was expecting the nice gentle menstrual-cramp-like contractions that start slow and gradually get stronger and closer together. This felt like the horrid stomach cramps that come right before a nasty bout of stomach flu. I definitely couldn't go back to sleep, so I got out of bed and into the shower. I was only in the water for a few minutes before I decided we should leave, so I woke up DH. He called his parents, who happened to be at the airport picking up SIL from her school trip to Europe. We arranged to meet them back at their house, and went out to the car.

We got to the car, and realized we had a flat tire. DH had that sucker aired up in no time, while I hugged the dog and rocked through contractions. We got in the car, and off we went. Not 2 minutes later DH said "Um, hon, I hate to say this, but we have to stop for gas."

We got to the IL's house, jumped into thier car and headed to the hospital. We got to the hospital about 3:30. I distinctly remember the intake guy at the ER, where we had to check in. He was wearing bell bottoms and had a pronounced lisp . When we got up to L&D I was about 3 cm dialated. They monitored me for the required 20 minutes, and then I got into the jacuzzi tub. That was heaven for about an hour, when I found myself all alone and got that panicky "I can't do this!" feeling. I got out of the tub and demanded an epidural.

The epi guy came about 5:50 and I was 7-8 cm. At that point I was thinking I was going to be in labor for hours and hours, and I just was so exhausted all I wanted to do was sleep. I got comfy, ate some crackers & cheese & grapes, and got all settled to sleep. The nurse came in right when I was getting comfy, checked me, and I was 10 cm and 100%.

The midwife finally arrived at about 6, and had them turn off the epi. We all sat there until about 7:30, until the epidural had worn off enough so I could feel some pressure and started getting the urge to push. I pushed for about an hour, those purple face pushes until the midwife got a sheet, wrapped it around the squat bar, and had me grab that & pull myself up to push. On the first push, my water broke everywhere. About 3-4 pushes later, she was born.

8:31am, on July 1 (41 weeks).
7 lbs 2 oz, 20.5" long, at 41 weeks.

Having a hospital birth made me realize how much I wanted a homebirth the second time around! Honestly, I know that if the midwife had been there to help talk me through the panicky feeling, I would have been fine. I was handling the pain fine, I just wanted to sleep sooooo bad! I also thought I was going to be in labor for 5+ more hours, and if I had known it would only be another hour it would have been fine!

CPST & mom

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Mine is pretty long. I can't believe that I never wrote it down until just a few weeks ago when someone asked what it was like and how I look at things differently now.

Okay, keep in mind that I had DD over 13 years ago, so some things are kinda fuzzy, while others remain crystal clear.

I was a whopping 21 years old when I got pregnant. I was living (in sin!) with her father, M. When the test came out positive, my first instinct was to pack up everything and go back to Florida, but M convinced me that he could change and be a good father, etc. (What an idiot I was!) I was broke, had no insurance, and was generally very clueless about all things birth-related. I ended up with the Family Practice Residency Program at *_* Hospital, as that was the cheapest going at the time. I went to my prenatal appointments faithfully and listened to everything that my doctor said. There was no internet in those (dark) ages, no Barnes and Noble or Borders, no La Leche League, and just no crunchy folks around that I knew about. I had no other information, except for a copy of "What To Expect When You're Expecting," the most worthless pregnancy book ever published. I went through all of the usual pregnancy crap that was normal for that time--3 hour oral glucose tolerance test, AFP testing, ultrasound, etc. No one ever talked to me about my diet, how much water I should drink, what I should take (other than prenatal vits), exercise, herbal remedies, etc. I was a victim of the allopathic medicine machine.

By the time I hit 41 weeks, we started talking induction. No surprise there, I knew What To Expect. I had a few non-stress tests and I think there might have been a late ultrasound, but I don't remember for sure. By 43 weeks, induction was deemed necessary. I went to the dr's office on a Tuesday morning and had my membranes stripped there--nasty, painful thing to do! Then I went home to get my things and ate some tea and toast, knowing that I wouldn't get anything in the hospital. I had no idea what I was in for, had no resources to learn about Pitocin or any other drugs used in childbirth. All I had was that stupid book that didn't bother with anything useful and the biased information provided by my doctor and the hospital.

Even though we were pre-registered, we still had to fill out some paperwork, then off we went into what would become my little slice of hell for the next 16 hours or so. I got the regulation prison uniform and the standard pink-curtained cubicle, smaller than my walk-in closet. (I am so *not* a pink person!) I was all excited, thinking, "I'm going to have a baby!" Never did it occur to me to ask the doctor, the nurses, or anyone about the side effects of the drugs that I was about to receive. After all, if there was something I needed to know, they'd tell me, right? Can you say "naive?" I knew you could! During the paperwork process, I remember very clearly the nurse scolding me for having stopped at home and had breakfast when I knew I was coming in for induction. Perhaps that should've been a clue as to how things would play out further down the road? The IV situation should've been the next clue--it took 4 nurses, after countless tries, to get a workable IV into my arm. Here I am, still thinking "Yippee! Baby on the way!"

A brief synopsis of the hours that followed: intense, crushing back pain the likes of which I've never known before or since. Because it was an induction and I had to stay on the monitor at all times, I was not "allowed" to get out of bed and had to spend the entire 14 hours lying on my side. The few times I was allowed to get up to use the bathroom, I overstayed the privilege, so was put on forced bedrest. I wasn't able to use a bedpan, so I was catheterized a couple of times--each time during a contraction! I begged for something for pain and got a shot of Stadol. All it did was make me loopy and detached from the pain that I was still feeling. I can still remember the very vivid hallucinations that I had. My wonderful (not) husband (we had gotten married in April), managed to doze in an armchair, watch TV, and eat a corned-beef sandwich in front of me during labor (bastard!), while I wasn't even allowed ice chips. My girl friend, K, was the one who stayed with me and rubbed my back with her tiny little ice-cold hands. That was the only relief that I ever got. Throughout this whole time, nurses and doctors and God-knows-who-else came through, sticking their arms up my vagina to tickle the back of my throat. And almost always during a contraction, because there was so little space between them. All this time, I'm staring at the HUGE clock over the door. Could they have put it in a better place?

There was one point where my back and legs hurt so badly that all I wanted to do was move. I started shaking my legs, like you would with a leg cramp in bed, and that only brought the nurse in to yell at me and tell me to stop it, after which she promptly stuck her hand up my vagina AGAIN. I can't tell you how many vaginal exams they did, too many to count. Shortly after that, it was announced that I could begin pushing, but first they had to take me to the delivery room (which is actually an operating room--no LDR rooms in those days). So here we go wheeling down the hall, out of my tiny cubicle and into a huge OR. Legs up in stirrups, sterile drapes applied, hooked up to monitor, silly lunch-lady hat on my head, and warned not to put my hands "down there" so as not to break the sterile field, surrounded by nurses, medical students, and student nurses. They had me start pushing, but I know now that I wasn't even close to being completely dilated because I didn't hit transition until an hour or more later. At that point, I started getting dizzy and nauseous. This is where that pissy nurse had to pipe up and say, "Bet you wish you hadn't had that toast now!" I think I countered with something as eloquent as "F*ck you!" After nearly four hours of pushing, lying on my back, I was exhausted. I didn't want to do it anymore. They had placed oxygen on me at some point that was so drying, along with the panting and breath-holding that they make you do while pushing, that I was completely dried out and all I wanted was a drink. What I got was a washcloth to suck on that was slightly damp and tasted like bleach. Somewhere around this time, M whispered in my ear, "Can't you hurry up? I'm tired of this." I was completely defeated at that point. My very soul was wounded and I just wanted to die. I didn't care anymore about myself, the baby, M, or anything. This is when things started going bad on the machine-that-goes-ping and there was talk of cesarean. Fortunately, my little resident doctor had no idea what he was doing, so instead of a cesarean, I got a huge episiotomy and a nurse pushing on top of my belly to get that baby out. The episiotomy was done without any local anesthesia and there was no warning. The baby was fine, obviously, but it took nearly an hour for me to be stitched up and I still have a scar. (I tore past the episiotomy.) Sex was a pipe dream for months afterwards due to the pain from the episiotomy. Even now it bothers me sometimes in certain circumstances. I got to stare at that precious baby through the plexiglass, but didn't really get to hold her until hours later. I didn't even have a chance to try to nurse her in the delivery room. They took her away to give her a bath, keep her under the radiant warmer, give her Hep B and Vit K and eye goop, while I went off to the recovery ward where the nurses take turns pounding on your wounded belly.

Still, in all, I was happy. I had a 7lb, 13 oz, 22 inch healthy baby girl. All the rest kind of faded into the background, thanks to the happy hormones that your brain is smart enough to release after birth. I was initially angry that I didn't get the epidural I begged for, but later learned to value that experience. I know now that I went through just about the worst possible labor situation and managed to survive, so I know that I can do it again under better circumstances. We had a rocky start to breastfeeding. The nurses in the hospital were not trained to assist mothers with breastfeeding, there was no Lactation Counselor available, and no La Leche League (that I knew of). Breastfeeding didn't really happen for us until we got home a few days later and were able to relax and get away from the weird and uptight hospital folks.

It took me years to get angry about my birth experience. And it was just last year that I *fully* realized how angry I still am. I am angry that my doctor did not give me more information about the drugs that were used and what the true side effects were. I'm angry at myself for not having the sense to look into other means. I'm angry at myself for agreeing to an induction that was not really necessary without trying some other natural means first. I'm angry at that SOB who cut my perineum without my permission and without the courtesy of a local anesthetic. I'm angry that women are still being put into the same situation that I was in 13 years ago and now it's even more common. At least I got to "wait it out" until 43 weeks. I hear of so many women who are induced at 40 weeks, when the average first-time pregnancy is well-documented at 41.5 weeks. I'm angry that DD had formula her first two days of life and no one warned me about the awful side effects of artificial milks. I'm angry that I didn't get the support that I needed and that I didn't insist on it.

This time, you couldn't pay me enough to deliver in a hospital. I've had thirteen years to research "what went wrong" with DD's birth. In those years, I've become a nurse, I've worked in Labor and Delivery and seen firsthand how f*cked up our maternity care system is. I've also known and worked with some really great homebirth midwives who have shown me that there is an alternative. I've found books and websites galore that totally contradict the medical model of childbirth and reaffirm what I've always known--my body is not broken. It is made to have babies and it doesn't need drugs or stirrups or scalpels or doctors to do it. It didn't take a doctor to get this baby in here and it doesn't take one to get it out, either.
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Kate. I was also naive and totally trusted my docs, and all I had was What to Expect...I was very lucky to have the experience that I had the first time around, that I didn't end up with a c section. I try not to be jeaulous of those who found MDC or even a good pregnancy book with their first child
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I was *so very lucky* to not have a sugical outcome. I know in my heart, without a doubt, that if I had been with an experienced doctor rather than a Family Practice resident, the outcome would not have been the same. And as much as I thought I wanted that epidural, and as angry as I was for not getting it, I realize now what a blessing it was. I know what my body is capable of now, even under the worst cicrumstances.
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I have three birth stories...and I think each one of them is an important part of my learning process about birth. So I'm going to divide them up into three seperate posts, because they are long too.

The series of unfortunate events birthing experience.....

DH is military. I was pregnant. We were scheduled to move right around when our first child was due. We decided to move BEFORE the baby was due, rather than try and move with a month old infant. We had a birth center picked out in Denver, I am the child of a homebirthing, CNM and I wanted an intervention free water birth. I wanted my baby put on my chest as soon as he/she was born, I was going to breastfeed, I wanted to go home as soon as possible. I was going to cloth diaper and we were going to co-sleep.

The movers came to our house on Feb. 12th and 13th. I felt absolutely awful. I was only 33 weeks along. I wasn't having contractions, but I was exhausted and felt like throwing up. I thought I had a stomach virus. The 14th we got our cars packed and started driving from Virginia Beach to DC, where we were going to see DH's parents before we continued driving, in seperate cars, with our two cats and dog, across the country to Colorado. I was feeling worse and worse. We stopped at a gas station where I tried to throw up in an effort to make myself feel better. We finally stopped at a hospital in Richmond, where they put me on monitors and told me that I was just having contractions from being dehydrated (I was not dehydrated and the pain I was in was NOT contractions, I knew that even though this was my first child). They gave me some tylenol and iv fluids and released me. We continued on to DC. We hit the beltway at rush hour. I had the sweats and chills and my right side was starting to ache. I radioed to DH that if I was having appendix problems we were going to have to go to the hospital. We made it to the ils house. I began to feel as though I was going to die. I called my mother. She told me to try and rest and see if I could sleep. I rested in the shower. I tried to sleep. Finally, I told DH that I needed to go to the hospital. He had to take me in his old Jeep. Every bump and stop I was in complete agony. I tried to hold as still as possible. We finally arrived at the hospital......Fast forward through a series of terrible abuses by the medical staff of the National Naval Medical Center (trying to use ultrasound to find the problem, putting in my iv so it was causing me large amounts of pain, etc) to 12 hours later when they finally decide I have appendicitis and they need to do emergency surgery. Surgery is a relief, they give me pain medication. I beg them not to take my baby by c-section and they tell me that if they need to take her, they will. At that point I just wanted to die. I had never been (nor have since been) in that much pain in my life.

Fast forward again. I awaken from surgery to find my baby is still safe inside. The nurse who is watching me keeps going on about how amazing the baby was. How it moved and wiggled the whole time during surgery and seemed completely unfazed by all the emergency going on. They were all quite impressed. They have left open a three inch incision on my lower right side. My appendix was rupturing as they took it out and they did not want to suture my side closed in case of infection. So they packed the incision with gauze and left it open. It is Friday, Feb. 15th. I get up, I move around, I eat, I rest. Baby continues to do well. I am supposed to be released from the hospital on Tuesday the 19th to continue our cross country trek.

Monday, Feb. 18th I wake up at five to use the restroom. I go back to bed and feel a trickle of water. It occurs to me after a few minutes that my water must have broken. I get the nurse and she walks me (me holding my chux between my legs) to the ultrasound in the triage room to check on fluid levels and baby. All is well, though certainly my water has broken. I am moved to a labor and delivery room. I call DH and my mother in Oregon. DH comes to the hospital and my mother gets on a plane to come to Washington DC. They put me BACK on the massive doses of antibiotics I had just 24 hrs ago escaped. For a few hours, nothing happens. The attending OB comes in to give me pitocin, but I beg off telling him that my mother is on her way from OR and I would like her to be at the birth. He (shockingly) does not force the pit on me. Around ten or so, contractions begin. In the beginning they are not difficult to deal with, but within the hour I can no longer talk through them. I begin to moan and attempt to relax as best I can with an iv, two monitors, an open incision and laying on my back. I can't get comfortable.

I try to rock on my hands and knees. I try to lay on my side. DH is pushing on my lower back and hurting himself in the process, but it is hardly touching the pain. My MIL shows up unannounced and uninvited. She didn't show her face once in the three prior days, but now I am in labor she decides "it's the only time she's going to see a grandchild of hers born." I do not want her there. She makes terrible, irritating, non-helpful suggestions and finally because "we aren't including her" she leaves. THANK GOODNESS. I am moaning very loudly now because I have no other way to focus and try to relieve the pain I am in. The nurse comes in and tells me there is no way I'll be able to deliver "if it hurts this bad now." I tell her to leave. The attending comes back (uninvited) and attempts to speak to me about an epidural while I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF A CONTRACTION. I tell him to leave. I begin to seriously doubt my ability to labor, much less birth this baby. My side is aching (still open incision) and I have no idea what to do. I cry. DH tells me to do whatever I need to. I finally give in. I am exhausted. I ask for the epidural. The anesthesiologist comes in and he tells me to sit up. I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I should have spoken up and said I can do this if you let me up, but no one would have listened, I am sure. He puts in the needle and it is even more excruciating than the contractions. I cry out in pain and he dismisses me. They get it placed and I lay down. They put in the catheter and an internal monitor. I doze a bit. My mother shows up. What a relief it is to see her kind, loving and all knowing face. She reassures me and comforts me. It is shift change. I throw up. No one cares. Finally at seven another resident comes in and checks me. She declares me "fully dialated." And announces "you can push when you feel the pressure." I feel nothing....and I feel nothing........

I try and gather my muscles because after all this hell I do not want a c-section. I want to push my baby out. I push and push and push. The baby does not move. The baby is seven weeks early, I am not a small person. They want to give me an episiotomy, they say the baby is stuck. My mother who is located at my right knee (I am in stirrups, god they are awful) and providing counter pressure on my open incision w/a folded towel (trying to prevent IT from tearing) calmly says "why don't you let her push a bit is her first child and she will stretch." I try and push more, still not feeling, still clumsy. The baby starts to move, they can see her head. They put an oxygen mask on me, I try to take it off. I push and push and push. Finally the head is out. My mother grabs my hand and makes me touch her. She is direct OP which explains my awful back labor and 45 mins of pushing. I push again and she is born. They steal her away from me. I am just relieved it is over.

She is wrapped like a little burrito, face swollen and red from the trauma. They hand her to me, I hold her while someone takes a picture and she is wisked away to the NICU. DH accompanies her and waits while they place an IV, first in her arm where her vein colapses and then in her head. She is placed in a warming incubator w/an oxygen hood. They remove my epidural and catheter. I finally get a chance to go to the NICU in the wheelchair. They explain all the rules and we go in. I cry and cry and cry. I cannot pick her up. I can only touch her legs. She cannot nurse, she can barely breath. A week goes by. They tell me I cannot pick her up because it makes her heartrate go too fast. (It actually goes down to normal when I am around and she hears my voice.) We finally get the chance to try and nurse. She is too little and cannot do it. I have been pumping and my milk is in, but she is too little. She has a nasogastric tube in (where they are, at least, giving her breastmilk) and they want to give her a bottle. "It is the only way she is going to leave the NICU" they tell me. They have no place for us to stay. I sleep on the floor of the waiting room, in the hall, just so I can be close and try to nurse her every three hours. Finally, finally, a lactation consultant appears and suggests a nipple shield. Oh my goodness, it works. My nipples were too flat for my poor baby to pull out, she just did not have the strength. She nurses and nurses and gains! My mother and I do kangaroo care all day, napping in the hard uncomfortable chairs. The nurses chastise us when we fall alseep holding our baby. DH cries when DD has an episode that sets back our release date. We grow as a family and sing and talk and try to make that god awful, noisy bright place, somewhere that we can hold our baby, and nurse, and live. Three weeks after she was born (I know, such a short stay for most, but it was an eternity for us) we are released. My father has sent a modified mai tei he made for me to wear DD on the plane home to CO. We co-sleep the first night and it is heaven.

She turns five next month and I marvel at all she went through. She is a beautiful, amazing child and we are blessed to have had my mother to help us hold fast to what we believed. She was able to fight the medical establishment for us, so that we could breastfeed and do what was right for our babe. I grieved about my birth and the way that DD came into this world for months. I would wake up in the middle of the night, sobbing. DH would hold me, not fully understanding why I was so upset. It is because of this birth experience that DH was comfortable taking the leap (for him) to homebirth our second child.

Yael Batya
February 18th, 2002
5lbs 14 oz, 21.5 inches long

SAHM to four beautiful babes :
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What a great thread! Loving all these stories.

Here is mine,

The story starts the day before my due date, April 4th. My X and I had set up a meeting to discuss the future of our baby, and how we would handle some parenting issues as we had broken up when I was five months along. I had decided I wanted sole custody, but wanted him to be in the baby's life and a part of making decisions, as I wanted to move home to be with my family about six months after the baby was born. This meeting was to hear his input.

His input turned out to be that he wanted joint custody, and that if I didn't give it to him, he would file to stop me from moving and take me to court for sole custody. I was outraged, as his interest and support during the last three months of the pregnancy had been nil. He had offered support, but when I ran out of money for groceries, was living on rice and oatmeal, he was nowhere to be found.

My 'due date' came and went with me in a state of high tension. How was I to deal with this? On the sixth of April, our family's lawyer from Alberta (I was in Ontario) phoned to talk with my sister, who had come to help out. They chatted about the issue that my sister needed to settle, then she asked if he knew of any good lawyers who practiced family law. His response was that he also did some family law, what was the problem. My sister explained what had transpired, and what to do? I will forever adore this man for his advice. He explained that if the father of the baby and I had not lived together for more than 3 months, (we hadn't) and had no property or debt together (we didn't), he was by law, only a sperm donor. That after the baby was born, yes he could take me to court, and keep the baby in Ontario, but if there was no baby, there was nothing to fight over, and get me on a plane to Alberta. I was a day overdue! Lie, he said, get her on a plane. If the baby is born in Alberta, he can't make her go back to Ontario.

Four hours later, we were at the airport. Five and we were in the air. I was so nervous, but not one person asked about my pregnant belly. I should mention that up to this point, babe had made no move toward coming earth side. While on the plane,(yes I did the research to find out if it was safe to fly, the only concern was if I went into labor while in the air) she rolled and kicked and punched, providing much entertainment to the young girl across the isle. We arrived in the wee hours (now 2 days overdue).

The next day was spent at the hospital for NST's and my sister spent it on the phone calling in favors trying to find a midwife who would take me on in the thirteenth hour. (the hospital was also a legal visit, we had to have proof that I arrived in Alberta pregnant, and that I had not 'stolen' my baby from Ontario).

My aunt and mother were still in Ontario, as they couldn't get flights out until the Monday, so they generously (and with some tears as they thought that they were going to miss the birth) spent their weekend packing my house and letting the Realtors in with potential buyers. (It actually sold that weekend, after four months on the market.)

We found midwives that first day, amazing women I will forever remember for their kind welcome and generosity of time and spirit. We went directly from the hospital to their office. We were with them for two and a half hours that first day, and I felt so at ease, I knew I was in good hands. Now all we had to do was wait for babe to arrive, preferably after mother and aunt could make it home from Ontario. We needn't have worried- she didn't show up until two weeks later.

I refused induction at 41 weeks, and again at 42. I was sent for bio-physical profiles to make sure all was well. At the 42 week mark, we discovered that babes fluid had gone down so much my choices were now induction or... induction. On the 19th, I had a Foley catheter placed inside my cervix (dilated 1-2 cms), hoping it would force dilation and labor- after 24hours of painful cramping- I was now three to four cm, but no labor. Into the hospital to get the Foley removed. My mw now discussed with me the breaking of my water and oxytocin. I wanted to avoid chemical induction, thus the Foley, so I would try breaking the waters first. Very light mec in the slight fluid. A very uncomfortable night in the hospital, with the occasional contraction, and little sleep. My sister slept on two chairs pushed together nearby and held my hand when I needed her. The next morning, I was checked and there seemed to be no forward movement. We got me settled into a room, and started oxytocin.

A lot of the next few hours is a blur. They had to keep turning up the oxytocin as I was not progressing, and the contractions were one on top of the other for about four hours. Lack of sleep two nights in a row caught up, I was falling asleep, and throwing up along with the cx, and when finally checked, no progress, I was still 3-4 cm. This is when I asked for the epidural. (At some point in here, while the epidural was being discussed and my failure to progress, the doctor came in, and asked to check me. I looked at her, thinking that this bossy b***ch knew my mw had *just* checked me, I said no. Later I learnt my sister was through the roof with joy, that my saying no meant I had not just given myself over to the system)

The first epidural didn't take, but the second did, they hiked the oxytocin as high as they could, but I was asleep in minutes. I slept through the next four hours, oblivious to the drama unfolding outside my door. I knew that if I didn't progress now, I was headed for a c/s. The nurses were badgering my m/w for a time so I could get slotted for the operating room, to which she kept replying that I still had a couple more hours for a full trial of labor. The doctor that I had said no to was at her as well. At one point the head nurse said she needed to know NOW when I would be going for a c/s as after eleven PM she had no staff. My m/w told her that was NOT a good enough reason for put me in for a c/s. I was checked at some point in here, and I had started to progress. Now 6-7 cm. Yay!!!

Finally, eight hours after the epidural, and I had been telling the midwife of intense pressure in my bum, she checked me, and then invited me to touch my baby's head. She was just a inch and a bit in! The room became a hive of activity as things were gotten ready for the last bit. Just after midnight, I was finally told I could start pushing. The epi was starting to wear off, so I got to feel some of the sensations at this point.

At 12:51 am, I pulled my baby girl onto my chest. In spite of the massage the m/w were giving her, she remained floppy, and not breathing on her own. The cord was clamped and cut just under my nose, and she was whisked away. The pediatric team arrived moments later. While she was not breathing on her own, she did have a good heart rate and had pinked up quickly. I overheard this while they suctioned her and supplied oxygen. It was another couple of very tense moments before my new baby daughter finally let us know in her own words what she thought of all the attention she was getting. Her loud, angry cry was a relief to hear! (She made it known in the hospital that she didn't like other people touching her, as soon as we got home she stopped crying and did not peep again until she was 2 months old.)

She was bundled up, and I was able to hold her for the thirty seconds that it took the head of the ped team to explain she was going to NICU and why (she was still hesitating in her breathing). My sister went with her (after some fighting with the peds that she was my support person and could go), and my mother, who had been filming up to this point, helped me to the shower. And then over to NICU to Virginia.

Virginia stayed in the hospital for another 48 hours due to a course of antibiotics that had been started.Their reasoning was that b/c my water had been broken for more than 24 hrs, they that 'needed' to be administered. That first night, I got no rest as she was a five minute walk away as I was on the maternity ward and I had told them I was to be called to bf (she latched and nursed like a champ right from the get-go). I was released the next day, but got to room in on the ICU ward, and as soon as she was off the monitors, she was with me. The rooming in room was like a very basic hotel room, and lovely for it's privacy and large bright windows which we sat in front of to lift the bit of jaundice she had.

On Monday morning I was told that I could finally take her home. I called my sister and told her to get her butt to the hospital before anyone said anything different.

Virginia Amelie was born April 22, 2006 at 12:51 am
8lbs, 5.75ozs
19 inches
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The awakening......

I got pregnant with baby #2 and knew, right away, I wanted to avoid a medicalized birth at all costs. DH was very uncertain about homebirth and so we again decided on a birth center. DH got deployed and I took DD and went home to Oregon to live with my parents while he was gone. He was scheduled to come home about three weeks before the baby was due. While in OR I got prenatal care from my mom and it was GREAT! Finally, DD and I were on our way home. We got home and got settled. Then there was turmoil with my care provider and I did not know what to do. A CNM friend of ours who practices in Denver had offered to do a homebirth for us, free of charge. We would just pay for supplies. I begged DH and he finally!!! consented, though with some trepidation. He got home and all was well. The baby was doing great.

The morning of September 24th was 10 days before my due date. I woke up and didn't feel very well. There was nothing I could put my finger on, but I just wasn't feeling good. DD was energetic and everywhere as always and I called DH and told him he might have to come home. I had a few twinges, I think they were contractions, but there wasn't much to them. Late in the morning I lost my mucous plug and started to get excited! DH had a meeting in the early afternoon and I called him and told him about the mucous plug and warned him I might need him sooner rather than later. DD took a nap and I tried to nap too, but couldn't get comfortable. I called DH again a few hours later and told him I needed him to come home. I lost the rest of my mucous plug. My contractions got a bit harder, but not by much. About four in the afternoon I decided to get in the shower. As I was laying in the shower I thought I felt my water break. Now I was really excited!

We called our midwife friend and she said "well, this is really the first time your body has had a chance to labor on its own and I'm betting it will be a while. I'm going to feed my family and then the assistant and I will be down." The contractions soon became more intense. I needed to be up and walking around. So I paced. I paced and paced and paced. DH was desperately trying to set up the tub, but our water heater was small and he couldn't get very much hot water out at once! The contractions got pretty intense around six pm. DH fed DD dinner and took her to bed. She was totally nonplussed by the contractions and noises that mommy was making. I even remember her rubbing my leg as I sat in DH's lazy boy, while rocking myself. I was totally in the zone. Contractions were one on top of the other, there was no break. It was really wonderful because I really felt like I was in a trance-like state and the no break allowed me to just stay there.

On a side note - when my sister and I were adolescents we lived in CA. We used to boogy board and body surf all the time. Part of the fun of that stuff, for us, was letting go and allowing the surf to push us under and tumble us around. I can vividly remember after a day of playing in the waves, we'd go home and all night long I would dream that the water was pushing me around and under. That sensation was the exact same sensation I had while experiencing labor. I allowed the contractions to take control of me and push me around. I did not fight them, I was enveloped by them. For me, this was the most effective way of handling the contractions. It was surreal and becomes an out of body experience for me.

Around 7:50 my midwife was still not there. I was starting to panic. I was sure that I was only like 4 cm dialated and they were going to arrive and tell me I had hours more of labor. I sat on the toilet and DH held me while I rocked. Finally the midwife was there! She asked me to lay on the bed so she could check me. That was a living hell. I was sooooo uncomfortable and as soon as she told us that I was 9cms with a tiny lip, I lept from the bed to stand next to the waterbirthing tub. I squatted down and felt this undeniable urge to push and so I did. Water gushed everywhere (I guess my water hadn't broken) and two pushes later my DS was born! The midwife literally arrived ten minutes before he was born. I held him right away and put him to breast. He had beautiful red hair (just wisps of it) and a huge bruise on his head- where he had taken the elevator to the bottom floor my midwife said. He was a champion nurser right away, but did suffer a bit of jaundice. Thank goodness my mom was there (once again) because she helped us make sure he was sleeping enough in the sun and waking enough to eat.

I can't begin to say how much this birth experience healed me. As soon as I had the chance, I told DH that I would never have another babe in the hospital, as long as we were all healthy. And from that moment on, DH was changed by it too. He has admitted that he is now a proponent of homebirth. Not only because of the terrible experience we had, but because of the amazing, peaceful power of being in your own home!

Isaac Uri
September 24, 2003
8lbs 4 oz, 20 inches
8:13 pm

SAHM to four beautiful babes :
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I tell you what. Being pregnant again and having experianced a midwife for a short time with this pregnancy has only made me more and more angry about my care with DD and how they are tring to bully me again.

When I had DD I was 18 and had just graduated high school. Me and her dad hadn't even been together that long. We had dated a little in high school and broke up. But about a month after we got back together DD was concived. (And we later got married and are having our 2nd baby. : )

Any way the morning of August 19th I was scheduled for a u/s to messure my fluid since I was 4 days over due. I had already been having contractions since 3:00 am. But they weren't that strong. Then after we left the doc office we went to the Burger King drive through and got breakfast. The cintractions were getting stonger and I told MIL that I think we should go home and get Mike cause I think that it is time.

We went to the triage and they monatored me for a while then said yeah lets give her a room. So they moved me in to a room and hooked me up to the monators and gave me an IV. That afternoon I asked for somr pain relief and the gave me an epi at 3cm. Later that night I had not moved from 3cm so they put me on a very low does of pit through the night.

By morning I was still at 3cm. So they uped my pit some. Later that morning my doc came in and said "I don't want to start you on pit so if you don't progress any more in the next hour I am going to send you home." At that point he then looked up at the pit thingy and said "What is that?" I told him that is the pit you don't want me on.

So then they ruptured my membranes and that got my labor going again. I was at 5 cm and 50 eface ang I think +2. Then shortly later I had another doc come in and tell me that I was 7 1/2 cm. I was happy to hear this. Then My doc came back in and told me that I was onlt 5 1/2 and he wanted to do a c/s since I wasn't progressing. It was about 10:00 p.m at this point so I asked if they could at least wait until midnight to do it. So at 11:45 they came and took me to prep for my c/s.

12:01 they made the cut and I felt some pushing on my stomach. Then at 12:09 they had pulled out my daughter and was working on stitching me up. She was born on my little brothers b-day. I wanted to cry but by this point I was so worn out and druged that I couldn't. After they closed me up me and Alicia went back to the room and I was helped to nurse her. They wouldn't let me eat for quite some time after that and I was starving.

Alicia weighed 8lbs 1/2 oz and was 21 1/2 inch long. Then the doc camein to check on us and told me that she would have been to big for me to have her naturaly.

But this time I have educated myself better and hope to have a better experiance.
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I'll give the highlights here:

DD1: Had an OB, solo practitioner. I woke up in the morning and had a lot of bleeding, couldn't feel the baby move as much. Dr. told me to get checked at the hospital. They told me I was having cx every 5 minutes but I couldn't feel them. Offered to induce me, I said no. Had me walk around for a few hours. I felt more cramps but nothing bad. When we got back from the walk, they broke my water (Dr. was not there). Things picked up fast. When I was at 8 cm I started hyperventalating. No one helped me or told me it was transition. I asked how much longer it could be-- they said probably hours. So, I asked for something (not an epi) to take the edge off so that I could breathe. While they debated/DH argued no epi, I announced I had to push. THAT was why I had such intense cx. : Dr. finally showed up as the baby was almost out. The whole thing (from getting to the hospital to giving birth) lasted 7 hours. Later on, I hemorraged. I have read that bleeding a lot before giving birth (I bled throughout my labor) usually means you will hemorrage afterwards. Funny that the Dr. didn't know that. :

DD2: 10:00 p.m., had menstrual-like cramps. Thought things would happen that week. By 12, I couldn't sleep through cx, but they were irregular (every 11 minutes). I spent a lot of time in the shower. By 2 a.m., they were every 2-3 minutes. I felt so peaceful. My mom came over to watch DD. We drove to the hospital, which was a 5 minute walk (we should have walked!). Couldn't find the right door! When I finally got in, there was no room ready. I labored 45 minutes in the hallway. MW told me my room was ready just as cx were getting very intense. Walked into the room and had to push. Silly nurses (not the MW) were all flustered because I hadn't checked in yet . . .and my MW was like, "She's having the BABY" and made them focus on that, not their questions. Pushing hurt that time around-- didn't at all with DD1 even though she was born with her arm sticking up.

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