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March 2007 > i think my stretchmarks are cool.
cosmotion's Avatar cosmotion 06:24 PM 04-26-2007
it took a little bit for me to get used to them...

but, now
i think they're beautiful.

and i really couldn't care less if they go away
(infact, i kind of hope they don't)

it's a symbol of the tremendous amount of energy it took to create an amazing human that i love intensely...

and i'm even considering getting a tattoo to show them off a bit more...

i think that instead of feeling like we have to hide them, we should wear them as tribal badges of honor.

after all, not everyone is a human tunnel.

Frannyo's Avatar Frannyo 11:56 AM 04-27-2007
I once knew a woman who had all of her baby stretch marks tattooed in black ink, because she was so proud of them and what they represent to her. I'm not THAT proud, but I'm definitely not ashamed! Enjoy them, they represent everything we've accomplished so far!