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~~Mama2B~~'s Avatar ~~Mama2B~~ 06:59 PM 04-30-2007
We had our baby finally! She was a full 4 weeks past her due date! She was born at home on April 27th at 11:15 pm. She was 10 lbs and 1 oz! I posted the birth story in the UC forum. and there are tons of pics on MySpace!


avaylee's Avatar avaylee 07:02 PM 04-30-2007
Ohmygosh mama! You are a trooper! Congratulations on your beautiful girl!
MotheringHeart's Avatar MotheringHeart 11:04 PM 04-30-2007
Congrats!!!! You are amazing!
Nani's Avatar Nani 12:14 AM 05-01-2007
Congrats!Can't wait to hear you full birth story!
maranapanda's Avatar maranapanda 03:47 AM 05-01-2007
congratulations on your big baby girl! And big props to your patients!!!
sparkprincess's Avatar sparkprincess 02:08 PM 05-01-2007
That's awesome!! Congrats!
Astromom's Avatar Astromom 02:32 PM 05-01-2007
YAY! I am so impressed with your patience!!! Congratulations!!!
katytheprincess2's Avatar katytheprincess2 09:20 PM 05-03-2007