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I just need some feedback on what your two month old is doing

Yesterday someone said to me that she was surprised Morgan still gets up twice a night to feed, since her dd was STTN 6-8 hours. Morgan is eating every 3 hours, about, during the day and night. She's EBF and not even 10 lbs yet, so I thought the idea of her going 6-8 hours without eating was strange, but I was made to feel like she was "behind" and not developing properly! I was told not to feed her when she wakes up, so as not to encourage "poor night waking habits"!!

How often did/does your two month old feed? Does she still wake up during the night? Is eating every 3 hours fine for an EBF little baby? Sometimes she'll go 4 hours but not often.

Morgan goes right down to sleep, only wakes up to eat, and then goes right back to sleep. It's not like she's up and fussy at night. I absolutely do not want to do anything to damage my milk supply, since we've never had an issue with it and I don't plan to start now! I want to EBF for at least 5-6 months, and continue BF for at least the first year.
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Your baby is doing EXACTLY what my baby is doing, and what my baby is doing is perfect! Don't worry at all! If you're able to nurse while side-lying then that's even better, neither one of you needs to barely even wake up for that.
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7 weeks here and getting up 1-3x a night and that's between 10 and 6
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my baby is about 1 week older than yours and we are exactly the same as you - sometimes she eats eery two hours even. I nurse her while half asleep (sidelying) so I don't even know exaclty how many times she eats but I think it is 2.

I think you are doing perfect! Trust yourself and your instincts. Don't worry about your friend - imho it is too early to not feed her if she seems hungry.

sleep is highly overrated right? I haven't slept in over 3 years. That is what I get for having a family of five often all end up in my bed!
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My babies are close to three months old now, and they each nurse maybe three or four times during the night (roughly 10 to 7). I guess that works out to be every two or three hours during the night. I'm not exactly sure; I mostly just wake up long enough to make sure the babe is latched correctly, and then I go back to sleep.

I know there are some kids who just sleep all night earlier, just naturally; DD1 was like that. She slept 6 consecutive hours a night from the beginning. But those kids are the exception, not the rule. And a babe that sleeps that long isn't good for your milk supply anyway, right?

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oh man twice sounds great. my guy is still up every two hours.
I am so so tired...
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my son is doing the same thing.

he's getting up 1 to 5 times a night from 9pm until about noon the next day
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I guess I am the exception to the rule. At about 2 mos she started sleeping more than 4 hrs at night, I guess I am lucky. But she doesn't go down for the long part until 2-3am then she can sleep anywhere from 4-8 hrs in a stretch, get up around 9-10am and feed, then go back to sleep for another 2-3hr nap. She is mostly fussy and awake in the evenings. She is now about 11 weeks now. She feeds constantly in the evening as well... Since I am not working or don't have another child, I put myself on her schedule and sleep late during the mornings. I also find she sleeps much longer if I put her on her tummy! I know it is a no no, but I do sleep next to her, so I wake periodically to check on her breathing, otherwise on her back she tosses her head back and forth and flales(sp?) her arms around.
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