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AnoriensMom's Avatar AnoriensMom 12:13 AM 02-01-2010
I just got my order from US Wellness Meats, and I was so excited to try the pemmican...and I don't like it

What do you guys do to eat it? Should I start out small, and hope it grows on me?

NoTiGG's Avatar NoTiGG 03:14 AM 02-01-2010
I love that stuff. I also thought the prepackaged vacuum sealed bars were better than getting it in the tubs. Maybe something to do with being protected from the air I am not sure.
pampered_mom's Avatar pampered_mom 11:41 PM 02-02-2010
Is it a taste or a texture thing?
AnoriensMom's Avatar AnoriensMom 01:17 AM 02-03-2010
I had some more today and it was a little better. I guess it was just not what I was expecting. Maybe I was thinking it would be more like jerky, so then the texture weirded me out!
I ordered two of each kind though, so I will keep trying.
MyLilPwny's Avatar MyLilPwny 06:58 PM 02-03-2010
I also have pemmican from them and I'm not too fond of the taste. When eaten by itself, it tastes like very concentrated, cold fat with no muscle meat. I found that eating the pemmican along with something else like eggs or other meat makes it edible for me.
JoyMC's Avatar JoyMC 02:30 AM 02-04-2010
my husband spreads it on bread w/some cheese. i haven't been brave enough to try it yet.