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tngirl11's Avatar tngirl11 03:05 AM 02-11-2010
We have had a terrible stomach virus running through our house the past couple of days. I was sick all night last night and most of today, and my DD has had a relapse tonight. So I was thinking about what foods to start eating again (or giving the kids) when we're ready to eat. Seems like all the standard advice is for stuff like crackers and pedialyte (yuck!) Well, even my limited TF knowledge doesn't like these suggestions. I know I feel totally nutritionally depleted, so I would normally go for protein like eggs, raw milk, yogurt, etc. but I'm afraid that will make us feel sick again. I did give my boys yogurt after they started feeling better, and they did okay. Just wondering if anyone has any advice. I just especially feel like a need to give my body something good, since I'm pregnant, but I can't afford to get sick again. DH has to go to work tomorrow, so I'll need to be able to function for the kids!

lakeruby's Avatar lakeruby 11:45 AM 02-11-2010

wish i had some suggestions for you! I'm subbing for good ideas...
jazzharmony's Avatar jazzharmony 11:56 AM 02-11-2010
I would avoid dairy like the plague.
Miso soup is very calming to the stomach and will help to restore electrolytes.
We also drink recharge for electrolytes when sick (a no chemical version of pedialyte/gatorade)
FernG's Avatar FernG 03:45 PM 02-11-2010
Do you have bone broth? You could add miso to it if I had it. I got some organic miso at the Asian market and some garbanzo bean raw miso from Whole Foods. I would do any fermented beverages/foods that you think will stay down - mild things. Maybe water kefir? Small bits of real pickled ginger.
rhiandmoi's Avatar rhiandmoi 06:51 PM 02-11-2010
Bone broth, rice porridge, green tea, sourdough toast
ursusarctos's Avatar ursusarctos 08:21 PM 02-11-2010
I third the bone broth and/or miso idea. When you're no longer feeling like you're going to be sick you could add small pieces of meat and veggies too to make a mild but more filling brothy soup.

A little yogurt is probably ok but I wouldn't overdo the dairy either.

No raw veggies or cold beverages. According to TCM they tax/depress your stomach qi, which has already been quite taxed enough with the virus! Warm herbal tea with honey would be perfect. Or even just room temperature water. If you are up to eating veggies already, definitely cooked at least lightly.
moon mountain mama's Avatar moon mountain mama 11:21 PM 02-11-2010
What about adding coconut oil to the bone broth. It is ant-viral and anti-bacterial.