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ohiomommy1122's Avatar ohiomommy1122 06:34 PM 05-19-2010
can I make home made baked beans tf style?

Magelet's Avatar Magelet 07:05 PM 05-19-2010
sure you can. and you can adapt pretty much any recipe you want.

Soak the beans.

Use extra molasses and if you want it sweeter than the molasses will make it, add some maple syrup or sucanat or palm sugar.

Either use a ketchup without corn syrup, or use tomato paste and more spices

Instead of water, use chicken or beef stock.

Add some fat, either bacon and some of it's fat, or some beef or chicken.

You'll want lots of salt and acid, because beans absorb them a lot, so you have to add lots to get vibrant flavor.
Faliciagayle's Avatar Faliciagayle 07:37 AM 12-20-2010

Reviving this because Magelet, what counts as acid?  Would you put in some vinegar?  And how much?  And if I don't have schmatlz or tallow around, what should I use for fat?


I have my beans ready to go but I was rereading the NT recipe and I don't have over half the ingredients :o

cristeen's Avatar cristeen 08:59 AM 12-20-2010
I make my baked beans w the honey baked lentils recipe. I use navy beans instead of lentils, cook them first, drain them and go from there (leave out the water). Its also really good using maple syrup and molasses instead of honey.

To make them TF, you just have to soak them first.
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