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joyrises's Avatar joyrises 01:55 PM 07-14-2010
Hi, all....
I'm going to do my first batch of lacto-fermented horseradish soon. I found the following v simple recipe online- just wondered if anyone had anything to add to it. Like salt, for instance?>..


Peel horseradish root. Chop into 1" sections. Grind in food processor. Mix in whey to moisten to desired consistency. Cover and leave at room temp for 3 days, then refrigerate.

pixiepunk's Avatar pixiepunk 04:20 PM 07-15-2010

i plan on trying this one. i don't love fermenting veggies with whey, generally (except those ginger carrots in NT which are fantastic!), i've read that it makes the fermentation happen too fast and can disturb the flavor.