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CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 04:57 PM 12-29-2010

Is store bought kefir decent?  Is it the same has homemade, basically?  I've just been buying storebought, it tastes pretty much like buttermilk to me.  lifeway brand, I think?

CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 08:51 PM 12-30-2010


AJP's Avatar AJP 11:48 PM 12-30-2010

According to what I've read, store-bought kefir doesn't have anywhere near the same range of organisms as home-made.  It's still good as a probiotic, but not as good as what is made from real kefir grains (rather than powdered, standardized powder, which I think is how nearly all packaged kefir is made).

CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 10:46 AM 12-31-2010

Thanks!  Guess I need to hunt down some kefir grains after the store bought bottle I have is gone :)

askew's Avatar askew 10:31 PM 12-31-2010

Personally I like the store bought kind better. I have kefir grains, but my home made stuff is never the same thick creamy consistency as the store bought stuff. I buy a goat kefir, that is actually made locally in my town, with real grains, so I feel good about the whole thing.