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Leilalu's Avatar Leilalu 10:29 AM 03-14-2011

So I am not one to "push" meals on kids. Depending on my mood, there may or may not be a "take it or leave it" attitude, and I usually give in to healthy snacks if they really have an issue with slimy onions or spices they don't care for. But recently my kids seem to have a serious aversion to eggs, particularly my 6 year old boy. Could this be a sign of an allergy, or is he just being picky? I guess I could go get us all tested for sensitivities and allergies, but outside of that do kids normally reject food they don't tolerate well? I want him to have a good source of superior protein in the mornings, but don't want to force the issue.

janinemh's Avatar janinemh 10:50 AM 03-14-2011

Sometimes kids reject foods they are sensitive to. Sometimes they are addicted to them and want to eat them all the time.  And sometimes they are just picky.  Does he show symptoms of a sensitivity? (behavior, congestion, rashes, digestive issues)  If so, it might be worth it to try an elimination diet and see how he reacts to eggs after a break.  Or you could try making nutrient dense things like nut butter pancakes that have a lot of eggs but don't necessarily taste "eggy."


Here is our nut butter "recipe":


For each egg, add 1-2 tablespoons nut butter, pinch salt, vanilla, cinnamon, stevia to taste (optional).  Mix well and fry up.  You can thin it down with water to make crepes.

Leilalu's Avatar Leilalu 10:58 AM 03-14-2011

thanks! He doesn't seem to show any symptoms, so it's hard to tell.