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ginnybee's Avatar ginnybee 07:46 PM 03-25-2011

Hi Ladies,


I got the results of my allergy test a few weeks back and learned that in addition to gluten (which I already knew about) and a few others (garlic! chocolate! green beans!), I'm highly allergic to eggs.  Eggs.  I had four the morning I got the results.  I had eight dozen semi-pastured backyard eggs in my fridge.  :(


So now what?  I've been gluten free for a while and since then have become more reliant on eggs in my baking.  Especially as I've been tending towards grain-free.  Anyone else TF and gluten/egg free?  Can you direct me to resources?  I bought some En-r-G egg replacer and have used it or flax goop with some success.  I still want my family to enjoy good pastured eggs so sometimes I just cook for them skip out on the pancakes. 


Now that I can't eat eggs, what should I watch for nutritionally?  I guess I'll need more seafood to make up for the Omega 3's.  What else?  Choline??  I dunno. 


Has anyone reversed an egg allergy?  My ND says I can try a duck egg challenge in six months. 


I've found a few old threads about egg-free breakfasts.  Helpful. 



janinemh's Avatar janinemh 09:01 PM 03-25-2011

I"m also sensitive to chicken eggs but I tolerate duck eggs just fine.  After a few years of living without eggs or using egg subs,  it is so lovely to have actual eggs to eat.  After you do an elimination diet for a while,  you could try introducing duck eggs and see how you do. 

SandraMort's Avatar SandraMort 01:27 PM 03-28-2011

I was just reading today that some people who are allergic to poultry eggs can eat quail eggs.  They're smaller but nutritionally packed!