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Taedareth's Avatar Taedareth 08:25 PM 04-09-2011

What's the scoop on demerara sugar? How does it compare to rapadura/sucanat?

Taedareth's Avatar Taedareth 12:44 PM 04-11-2011

I'm thinking it's nutritionally somewhere between turbinado sugar and rapadura. But the question is really whether it's closer to turbinado (nutritionally void) or rapadura (rich in minerals). Anyone have more info?

rhianna813's Avatar rhianna813 01:01 PM 04-11-2011

I don't know anything other than in NT it's listed along side turbinado as nutritionally void.



Taedareth's Avatar Taedareth 04:06 PM 04-11-2011

Oh! Demara sugar is mentioned in NT? Thanks!! That's exactly what I needed to hear :)