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crunchy_mama's Avatar crunchy_mama 08:24 AM 06-27-2011

We have been completely off dairy butter and all for 2.5 yrs now and off except butter for a few years before.  I had hoped that ds' intolerance was due to damage from gluten and Celiac's.  We have had a few trials before that I was unsure about so I stopped.  However, since then I have figured out that some symptoms were due to something else.  Ds started having accidents, which persisted and I finally nailed down to cc- mostly from pb at the in-laws.  Dd1 resumed bedwetting and had a rash, which I have finally got the bedwetting stopped and it was coorelated to clo dosage, the rash came back again and I figured out it was connected to trace soy.  I have always believed she was the most sensitive to soy.  


Anyway, so we started a trial 2 weeks ago with butter, some homemade yogurt(made from raw grassfed milk).  They had ice cream as well a few days ago(made from cream).  Ds1 has not had any issues in the slightest- behavior fine, bm fine, no skin issues, sleep good- nothing different.  Dd had a bit of a rash but she also got some soy and that cleared after a few days past the soy exposure- while the dairy exposure continued.  The dd2 has never shown issue with dairy but I stayed off while pregnant and for the first year of her life- except for trace amounts.  Since 1 yr I have been eating bits here and there and haven't noticed any issue with her.  The first day she had a bit of loose stools(2 x) but seem to be fine since then(I figured could be also attributed to fat content and probiotic content).  She had a small amount of ice cream the other night and ended up having a bm in the night(highly unusual) but she also had a lot of blueberries that day and had some funky blue poop-usually she doesn't eat a lot of fruit.  She had some ice cream the day after though and no berries and the butt looked better and no more poop issues- which I would think would indicate it was not due to something that she had again.


However, despite the seeming pass thus far I am paranoid, really paranoid.  After so long you start to believe that it won't happen.  So, I am curious to hear some success stories.   Tell me your story please? How you went about reintroduction etc, pretty please :) 



bodhitree's Avatar bodhitree 05:07 PM 06-27-2011

I'm really curious about this too. I'm taking my 2yo DD to see her holistic MD tomorrow and I'm planning to ask what he thinks about reintroducing dairy. She got a rash from too much cheese before, which started us off on this path of investigating her intolerances. But that was conventional pasteurized dairy, and I'm wanting to try raw, whole, I'm hoping she'll be able to tolerate it.