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Traditional Foods > Can't eat all the fat off the bone broth, nor can my dogs. Other uses?
LCBMAX's Avatar LCBMAX 07:44 AM 09-09-2011

Currently saving a jar of it in the freezer, sure that one of you will have a genius solution for this!

prancie's Avatar prancie 08:04 AM 09-09-2011

use the fat for frying, or making pastry.  

Lazurii's Avatar Lazurii 10:03 AM 09-10-2011

Candles or soap.  I've read that it can be stored at a low room temperature if it's processed correctly.  The way it's generally done is fill a mason jar to the brim with rendered tallow (make sure the rim is free of fat or you won't get a good seal), put a lid on it (a lid that's been in simmering water, like canning), and let it cool.  That will make a seal keeping much oxygen from getting to your fat.


ETA:  I forgot a link.

porcupine73's Avatar porcupine73 08:08 PM 09-10-2011

I saw in Nourishing Traditions that it can be used to make Pemmican later.

Koalamom's Avatar Koalamom 06:28 AM 09-12-2011
I use beef bones for broth and love that I get fat in addition to broth. I take the fat off the broth and break it into pieces and freeze. If I just want to keep it in the fridge, I heat it up and chill again in hopes that more liquid will separate. If the fat was from grass fed cows there would be no way I would be making candles with it. Using that fat in place of butter for muffins and pies is amazing.
LCBMAX's Avatar LCBMAX 06:30 AM 09-12-2011

Wow - ok, I'm convinced! Into the freezer it goes, thanks all!