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Not looking for anyone to tell me not to do it, rest easy that I won't be doing anything more than skipping a meal or two - just looking for other peoples' experiences.


I've been paleo for a few months now, and finally after cutting out nuts and drastically reducing the fruit, I feel *awesome*.  I used to feel hungry all the time, and I blamed it on the nursing, but now after refining my diet I don't have nearly the hunger level and assume that I was still leptin resistant and now I'm not.  Or more sensitive, anyway.  


So now that I could conceivably go longer periods of time without feeling like I'm dying of hunger, I want to give IF a shot.  Anyone else done it?  Thoughts to share?

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I would probably avoid it while EBF but maybe after a year of age with good fluid intake.  You might try tiny nutrient-dense snacks to replace meals but be careful to pay attention to your body please!  When I eat very light meals that are more like snacks I think of it as trail food.   Nomadic people might have a lot of simple and small meals to tide them over before they settled enough to feast.  Nothing formally historical--it's just an image I like.  Think how many of our ancestors, however, were grateful and well-fed on so much less than we eat.  And so much healthier, too!  Too many calories seems to actually be one of the major catalysts for our increased illnesses of civilization, just like the increased consumption of flour is.


I have learned to recognize a true empty stomach and to wait for that before I start filling it.  It looks like IF but that's not how I think of it because I eat right away when I feel hungry.  I often breakfast at noon or later because I feel more comfortable if I wait for a stronger desire to eat.

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