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I get a whole chicken every other week from a farmer, and it comes with the liver.  I'm not sure what to do with it.  I don't love liver just by itself. 


Is there some way I can use it well?  Blend it up and put it with ground beef in hamburgers or tacos?


If I were to cook it on its own should I just saute it in butter until the center is barely pink?  Then we could each just have a bite.


Any suggestions on how to cook it by itself or in a recipe?

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My recipe is very simple (I hope others contribute with really fancy stuff.) Boil the liver, with a whole onion and some spices thrown in. Let it cool, and mush the onion and liver together. Add butter, and it's pate.


I'd freeze a few livers and just do a bunch of them at once. Fresh is better, sure, but I'm too lazy.

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You can definitely grind it and mix it up with ground beef to make meatballs or meatloaf.  You can certainly put it in something like a burger, but that tends to not have the same amount of seasonings as meatballs or meatloaf and you might notice the flavor a bit more.

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Saute it & eat it yourself as a treat for being the cook (or share w/ whatever child is helping you to cook) - that's what my step-dad used to do. Also the heart.


Or freeze it and continue to add to the cache until you have enough to make chopped liver.



~ 1 lb of livers

1 big onion

oil or rendered chicken fat (aka schmaltz) (a couple of tablespoons)

boiled egg (1 or 2 - depending on how much you like)


Dice an onion & saute in oil until soft & golden.


Remove the onions & then saute the livers until done (I like to make them brown, but you might want to leave them a little pink)


Chop up the onions and livers together w/ a hand chopper or whirl in a food processor.


Add the  eggs and chop or whirl. I like little chunks of white still visible, you might like everything very smooth and pate-like.


Salt & pepper to taste





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In Bologna, to make bolognese sauce, they often add a liver. It makes a creamier sauce.

Cut it, or better smash it little by little removing stringy parts and add it to the pan before the ground meat.

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