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cocobean's Avatar cocobean 07:48 PM 11-20-2011

I noticed the last thread hasn't been commented on in awhile just thought I would start one up again.  We started our paleo journey abtou 3 years ago and kinda fell of the wagon for a long while and about 5 months ago started again and life has never been better!  Gearing up to have a paleo holiday season, anyone have any great tips for a 3 year old and how to help him make better choices at holiday parties?


geekgolightly's Avatar geekgolightly 08:36 PM 11-22-2011

I don't have much useful advice for that situation. All we do is teach and hope for the best, but Seth is 7 now, almost 8 so it's a bit different. At age 3, I would control it a bit, but that isn't a popular way of parenting here.


We are (mostly!) primal eaters here. I am going to be lax about sugar desserts for Thanksgiving day and also for Christmas day and we eat lots of fruit in this house, but otherwise I make everything from scratch and the basic tenants of primal eating are followed in what I make.


My 7 month old is eating primal foods as well and he loves it! I cut him finger sized strips of steak and he sucks on them like noones business. 


Our Thanksgiving is going to be primal excepting the pumpkin and pecan pies, which will be gluten free but sugar full. 


Turkey basted in butter

sweet potatoes

roasted brussells sprouts

gf corn souffle


nom nom paleo has some fantastic holiday recipies which i wish i had seen before i did the shopping


speaking of nomnompaleo... has anyone tried this recipe? it looks good!


i know her mini frittatas are awesome. i bake them up about once every two weeks!