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lyn621's Avatar lyn621 06:56 AM 12-13-2011

So, I'm looking for info on the benefits and safety of drinking raw milk. I have dozens of friends who already do and there are many local farmers that provide it. My husband is a little wary, and being the academic type, he needs to read reliable research to go along with it. Can anyone point me in the direction of articles, books, podcasts etc that he would be able to read/listen to.

bodhitree's Avatar bodhitree 09:24 AM 12-13-2011

There's a book by David Gumpert called Raw Milk Revolution that is probably the most balanced one I have read. It includes assessments of the relative risk of consuming raw milk, compared to other foods. It's kind of an overall look at the controversy over raw milk, so it talks about risks as well as whether the government's campaign against raw milk is reasonable.

heatherdeg's Avatar heatherdeg 04:05 PM 12-13-2011

You might find great resources at the WAPF spinoff site:



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