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martaluna's Avatar martaluna 07:16 PM 01-27-2012

Do you have any tips on how to lose weight on TF diet? Is it calories, exercise, carbs?


I was wondering if anyone had luck with the diet in "Eat fat loose fat"?


I'm on TF diet and I think it's good for my health, but I'm still struggling with weight loss.


berry987's Avatar berry987 03:41 PM 01-28-2012

Have you read any of the Primal or Paleo books/websites? I just had a baby so I am still losing some weight from my pregnancy, but I followed a TF (Primal) while I was pregnant and only gained 25 pounds - as opposed to the 50+ pounds I gained with my 3 previous pregnancies. I ate eggs, bacon, beef, chicken, fish, greens, nuts, and minimal amounts of fruit. I did not exercise much during my pregnancy - just some walking here and there. So I am pretty devoted to this way of eating. Mark Sisson has specific information about how to lose weight - www.marksdailyapple.com - and I also like this site a lot: http://freetheanimal.com


Good luck!



raksmama's Avatar raksmama 05:39 AM 02-03-2012


We have been eating TF for some time now with a few lapses now and then like eating out or when we travel. My husband never lost any weight.   Finally he did a TF version of the South Beach diet. That means the first phase eliminated ALL forms of sugar, even the  kind that are healthy like fruit or fermented, or sour dough grains, the first month and then after eating very limited amounts. He also eliminated all alcohol. The South Beach diet recommends eating low fat dairy products and artificial sweeteners so obviously we did not do that.


I am happy to say he has lost over 30 pounds and is now the same weight as when I met him 17 years ago! Jjoy.gif


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