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sosurreal09's Avatar sosurreal09 02:21 PM 02-25-2012

We were paleo and before that ate crap but DD has allergies now and we need to add grains. Want to do it the best way. We do sprouted flour so far and corn cereals.


Wanting to add oatmeal and the other grains. The quinoa I just bought is sprouted so I was thinking no soaking with that...?


I have never soaked rice but am now wondering about that too.



donttrustthesystem's Avatar donttrustthesystem 07:08 PM 02-25-2012


SundayCrepes's Avatar SundayCrepes 09:15 PM 02-25-2012

I'm curious about the soaking of the grains. Is there some reason for that? I know quinoa can be funny if it's the type that needs to be soaded and isn't (though I don't recall the details.) The quinoa I buy doesn't need to be soaked (I don't know what they do to it during the processing, but it is fine unsoaked.)

littlest birds's Avatar littlest birds 09:50 PM 02-25-2012

This is the TF style of soaking.  Not the same soaking required for cooking as with beans that everyone does, but soaking with something acid added in order to break down phytates, which interfere with our ability to use minerals in the grains and to make it more digestible. 

sosurreal09's Avatar sosurreal09 06:15 AM 02-26-2012

So all of the above should be soaked overnight with say lemon?

littlest birds's Avatar littlest birds 07:05 PM 02-28-2012

I am not sure.  I wish you got more replies... Are you avoiding dairy?  The usual thing I hear is to use buttermilk or yogurt.  I think also apple cider vinegar.  I don't soak so I hope some experts chime in to help you.


I do know that sprouting does the same thing so no don't soak sprouted quinoa.  I think spelt is an old form of wheat, and I would treat it like wheat.  It would get soaked.



sosurreal09's Avatar sosurreal09 07:44 AM 02-29-2012

We are dairy free. DD is allergic.

eleonoreh's Avatar eleonoreh 02:57 PM 02-29-2012


Yes, you need to soak ALL non-sprouted grains (as well as legumes) before consumption overnight in warm water and an acidic medium like:

dairy: buttermilk, yogurt, milk kefir or whey

non-dairy: lemon juice, raw apple cider vinegar or coconut or water kefir

You can find more information about this on the Weston A Price foundation website. And here's a link to a chart that talks about each grain specifically...It does have a copyright printed over it, but you can **** see the information


I'm not sure about sprouted quinoa, but I know that regular quinoa has a natural coating called saponin that  gives it a bitter taste if it is not rinsed off before hand. 

e&tsmom's Avatar e&tsmom 10:14 AM 03-01-2012

You do not have to soak the sprouted quinoa.  You do need to soak everything else.

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