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gro1974's Avatar gro1974 09:47 AM 03-13-2012

Hello, all! smile.gif


I have a question about raw cream-- I am having trouble with bitterness.  I bought a pint from a local farm, and I thought I waited too long to use it (about a week, maybe a day longer); the whipped cream I made was VERY bitter!


I bought another pint this week (it has been three days since we brought it home) and it, also has a bitter taste to it (I didn't think to taste it right away).  Our milk, from the same farm, has always tasted fine and fresh.  Is the bitter flavor normal?!


I want to make some homemade ice cream, but I'm concerned it will taste just as bitter, and I don't want to waste the additional ingredients!


Anyone experienced this?  Thanks, in advance, for the help!





lactomom's Avatar lactomom 12:24 PM 03-13-2012

I have never bought cream, as the farm I get my raw milk only sells whole milk. When I do separate it, it is always sweet. You may want to ask the farm you get the milk/cram from about this happening. 

littlest birds's Avatar littlest birds 01:12 PM 03-13-2012

I've never had a bitter flavor.  Old cream gone bad just tastes/smells like spoiled milk.  Sometimes I get a funny taste I think is from the plants the cow is eating, but it doesn't really seem bitter.  Still, maybe that is what you are noticing.  I think flavors like that are a little stronger in cream than in milk.

Bantams's Avatar Bantams 03:35 PM 03-13-2012

Cream should never be bitter - but the previous poster is correct in that off-flavors usually show up more strongly in the cream than the milk.


How many cows are they milking - just one?  The milk often becomes bitter (and sometimes salty) when the cow is pregnant and towards the end of her lactation.  There comes a point when it's best to dry the cow up and stop milking.

Bitterness could also be due to the cow having mastitis (not good!).  Does the farm test the milk for somatic cell count?


If the milk/cream is coming from a whole herd of cows, then the issue is more likely due to feed (eating weeds) or poor sanitation of some sort.  Maybe they only skim older milk for cream, so you're getting bad cream.

Or the whole herd has low-grade mastitis.  Unlikely, but possible, and it would definitely make the cream/milk taste bad.

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