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dovey's Avatar dovey 10:16 PM 03-13-2012

Does anybody grow sprouts regularly?


Do you buy seeds specifically designed for sprouting?


Is it actually a problem to use seeds/beans from the bulk bins at the store? (Mung beans for example)


It is just so expensive to use sprout seeds.  I'm trying to cut down on food costs and would like to continue sprouting, but I don't want to give my family food poisoning from non-germinated seeds that have rotted.

lactomom's Avatar lactomom 02:58 PM 03-14-2012

I sprout spelt on a regular basis. I do some legumes, and nuts. I prefer to buy my grains and legumes in bulk form Azure Standard (only organic) and raw nuts from the health food store or Azure Standard. 


I had a little bottle of mustard seeds, owned it for about 5+ years. I had decided to make deviled eggs and the recipe called for fresh ground mustard seed. I pulled them from the cupboard, and my son (2 years) snatched them while I wasn't looking. In to the bathe room he went, plugging the sink, adding water and dumped the seeds! The mustard was scattered everywhere, some had gotten into the sink overflow and I couldn't get them out. This was the result: 




Seeds will sprout just fine, as long as they haven't been chemically treated! 

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