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NoTiGG's Avatar NoTiGG 10:24 AM 04-01-2012

I'm looking for someone who follows the same diet as I do to breed with. It may seem like an odd request... some people look for love. Others money. Me on the other hand I feel that a compatible diet is key. To get more specific than "TF" I would say that the Body ecology diet would put you on the list above others (Yes I will make a list in order of most suitable) .  


Ages should be between 18 and 35. Height between 5 and 6 feet. Weight under 150.  A couple other things that would make you go high on this "list" . If you are a gamer that is a huge plus. If you like to read that's a plus. shows you have imagination. ANd lastly... I want someone who likes to exercise. Notice how I didn't say just exercise? That's because someone who enjoys it will continue with it rather than someone who doesn't.


If you have any questions go ahead and pm them or post them here. Measurements are a plus but not essential. Curvature is good though.

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