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I was worried at my first purchase, I had my husband test the milk and then I tested with a tablespoon and waited 24 hrs (during my pregnancy)... never had an upset stomach, so then I started to believe in the benefits that I read about and I was also able to disregard the negativity that had been pinned on this misunderstood food. 

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I received a report about a post here that is arguing against drinking raw milk and that it seemed inappropriate in the Traditional Foods forum.

While we try to maintain a comfortable posting atmosphere in all forums and particularly in keeping things appropriate for a forum's focus, when a thread is titled as this one is, it invites both sides of the fence to give their input, regardless of the forum. This can be amplified by the New Posts feature, which is what may lead someone into a forum to post without paying attention the the forum's focus of discussion. So while some replies may come from members who are not at all traditional foods people it is not in our best interests as a healthy community to restrict such input. Discussion can be educating and eye-opening for those who come into it with the intention to argue against a point.

That said, we totally encourage traditional foods folks to respond to state their own opinions, philosophies and information to refute anything stated. That's the nature of discussion and we are confident that you will serve the forum well in doing so. Should things get out of line and it become obvious that a member is bent on attacking and insulting I'll be glad to step in and put a stop to that and that. So feel free to report anything of that nature.

Thanks everyone! treehugger.gif

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Everybody pretty much said what I was going to say. I am pregnant, and I drink raw milk whenever I can get it from a good source. I agree that it's a personal choice, and I know that a person's body can have trouble adjusting to any animal foods if they have been off them for a long time. After I didn't eat meat for 22 months (couldn't find a non-CAFO source) it was very difficult for me to digest meat for a while. I had to have beef cooked well done when before I enjoyed it rare. Several years later, I can eat all healthy animal products with ease, though as others have mentioned I have serious issues handling conventional milk. I also eat soft cheeses. I don't worry so much about what you aren't "supposed" to eat during pregnancy as long as I know it is high quality and nutrient dense. 

I also have some issues with what some PP's said about the health risks of raw milk. I know we have all heard this a lots of times, but there are food poisoning outbreaks all the time involving a wide range of foods, but raw milk is the only one consistently targeted by public health officials. I can specifically remember two Ecoli outbreaks in recent years, one from tomatoes and one from spinach. Both crops were recalled for a limited time but you don't hear the CDC wanting to outlaw spinach or tomatoes. It is a double standard. 

Also, Ecoli is present in the guts of most people without causing harm. There are different kinds of Ecoli, and the dangerous kinds of Ecoli only develop in the milk of very sick cows being fed things that cows should not be fed. When cows only eat factory silage their stomachs don't have the proper chemistry and that's when the dangerous Ecoli develops. When the giant pools holding the sewage from these horrible operations get flooded, there can be toxic runoff, which is the cause of the contaminated vegetables. The problem here is the factory farm system, not milk itself.

As for the PP who stated that the Ecoli in raw milk "often" leads to miscarriage, I'd like to see statistics (with conclusive proof the illness was caused by raw milk) for how "often" this actually occurs.


ETA: also, Emily Johnson, if you do your research about life expectancy, you will find that your claims are misleading. While the average life expectancy used to be much lower, people were not actually only living to 35. Infant and childhood mortality was extreme, mostly as a result of unsanitary conditions and practices of all kinds, but not because of healthy foods like raw milk from grassed cows. The people who survived childhood generally lived as long or longer than we do today. So no, traditional foods aren't actually bad for us and were not causing people to die before 40.

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I was told  by my midwife that raw milk is a no-no during pregnancy UNLESS you were drinking it prior to becoming pregnant and  use the same source. I drank raw milk throughout all of my pregnancies with no problems because I was raised on it and it came from the same place. I also used the fresh cream to make butter and cheese. I think it's wise to speak with your dr., midwife, or nutritionist, especially if you did not drink it prior to pregnancy. 

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That's a very good point. In my third pregnancy, I was already drinking raw milk and did not stop, and used the same farmer throughout. I would have been more hesitant to start up with raw dairy after becoming pregnant. 

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Yes....  As a farmer and dairy girl I must....  OP- your comfort level is what matters here.  I only drink raw milk and am so passionate about it we bought our own Jerseys.  The sun and fresh air  clean my parlor and my cows get plenty of fresh air and room to roam.   If it makes a difference- when you are buying USDA Organic you may rest assured that that cow has had as much pasture as possible in that part of the country.  Inspectors take this very seriously.  The only organic milk that is available to me is UltraPasturized.  Which I basically think is a waste.  It is sad really that that good milk is killed so it can sit for a month on a grocery store shelf.  So if we don't have our own we really don't drink any milk.  

Originally Posted by courtney_c View Post

Most of the outbreaks are because of the fact that the farms are not as monitored.  There are raw milk farms that I think need to be shut down because they are the ones that cause all of this ridiculousness. 
But, there are more outbreaks from pasteurized milk than raw milk!  Raw milk is just in the media more, so that's what people see. 
If you find a grade A dairy farm, it is actually safer than pasteurized because it is highly monitored... very clean... tested often.
The reason why outbreaks were reduced is because back then, raw dairy farms were filthy.  Now, raw dairy farms are much cleaner than pasteurized.  It's all about the farming practices. 
Farms that produce pasteurized milk are dirtier, the cows are stuck in their own feces and filth (not allowed to graze), the cows are given hormones and antibiotics, and the cows eat anything (I've seen reports of cows actually being fed beef, gum and gum wrappers, candy bars, etc). 

Raw milk is a complete food.  You really can't get better than that.  It is much healthier than pasteurized, which is hardly a food at all.  Most of the nutrients cannot be absorbed into your body because the good bacteria and enzymes are killed off during pasteurization. 


Seeing snippets in the news does NOT give you an accurate picture of the dairy industry.   In general your points about farms are rubbish and I don't think you have a CLUE about what it takes to be Grade A or sell milk and I really wish you wouldn't spread nonsense.


I do however agree with your final comment.  It is a complete living food.  

Originally Posted by linian89 View Post

You are completely buying into the exaggerated claims of the dairy industry! If it were so dangerous, it wouldn't have been a staple of so many traditional diets...and by the way, yes, pasteurization absolutely does destroy EVERYTHING good about natural grass-fed raw milk (and is in fact, probably just flat out bad for you)! Do the research, and don't just listen to the FDA, etc., because it's quite obvious where their priorities lie.

Raw milk is amazing!  I completely agree!  

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