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Hello! I have a 2 year old and we are wanting to start trying for baby #2 in the fall.  During my last pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (controlled through diet and exercise) and at 36 weeks developed high blood pressure (it never turned into pre-eclampsia).  Went from having a birthing center, med free birth to a hospital, c-section and had a 5 pound 12 ounce baby at 37 weeks:( Anyway, I am trying to prepare my body the best I can for a better and healthier pregnancy!


Things I am doing to prepare:  I bought a juicer and have been adding lots of greens in my breakfast juice. While I know whole, raw foods are the best ways to get the vitamins you need, I still want to buy supplements because my diet is not perfect.  Anyone on here have complications like I mentioned above?  If so, are there other supplements you took?  I read the lower levels of Vit D are associated with Gestational Diabetes. So I am going to take more Vit D.  Does anyone know what the maximum amount of Vit D I should be taking?


I also read the garlic oil and CoQ10 can help with hypertension. I will also be taking Cod liver oil and Garden of Life Raw Prenatals.


Also, I had extreme morning sickness and was thinking about taking more Vit B6.  Is there a maximum amount of this I should be taking?  My prenatal has 2mg.


I am exercising and down 10 pounds from my first pregnancy. I am also thinking about getting some Raw green powder and protein powder from Garden of life. Do any of you use these powders?


Thank you for taking the time to read this! I am open to all suggestions and wondering if anyone else had these complications.

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I was diagnosed with GD during my pregnancy with DD (now 3 1/2). Also had a ton of complications: large fibroids, 2 bleeding episodes, pre-term labor (bedrest for 14 weeks) polyhydramnios, and a dramatic delivery due to a too short umbilical cord and placental abruption. I also felt miserable, and horribly sick the entire time. I was able to control the GD through diet, but I could barely eat due to nausea throughout the entire pregnancy. I gained a total of 6 pounds the entire pregnancy. My next pregnancy, with DS2 (now 9 months) was totally uneventful. No GD, no complications. 


Prior to the first pregnancy, I had done weight watchers for about 6 months, losing about 12 pounds total. I think I was in a pretty poor nutritional state when I became pregnant. It took us a long time to get pregnant ( maybe 18 months- 2 years) After that pregnancy, I was told I wasn't going to get pregnant again, due to my age (41 at the time) and the size of the fibroids.The doctor said it was a fluke I got pregnant at all.


Prior to the next pregnancy, I changed my diet, cutting out yellow oils, increasing fat (from animal sources, avocado, coconut oil, butter, and olive oil) and protein, and found out about soaking/sprouting. I cut way back on the amount of grains I was eating, and increased fruits and vegetables.  I took cod liver oil, additional fish oil, floradix, an iron-free prenatal, spirulina, COQ10, vit D ( with the CLO, a total of 5000 IU) and a b complex, with an extra 50 of B6.  During this time I lost another 15 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight.


Got pregnant with DS at 43, when my DD was 23 months old, and still nursing maybe 7 times a day. I did a modified version of the brewer diet during the pregnancy. Well, most of the pregnancy. I ate what I could manage the first trimester. For the worst week of it, that was literally buttered white bread only.  The interesting thing is that I took the GD test at about 13 weeks and failed the one hour. Passed the three hour- barely. I figured I would for sure have it again. Right around 13 weeks is when I was able to start eating better. At 25 weeks, I passed the 1 hour test. The brewer diet  is basically about eating plenty of protein to prevent complications. I skimped on the bread quite a bit, but otherwise followed it pretty carefully. I gained 22 pounds during the delivery. At each iron draw, the nurses said that my iron was good for a non-pregnant woman. My blood pressure remained about 95/65 throughout. I put on absolutely no fluid, and was still able to slide my wedding rings on and off easily the day I went into labor. Most importantly, I felt great. Well, tired, because of being pregnant with a non-napping 2 year old, but otherwise really good. Labor and delivery were uneventful, and I was up walking around an hour after. Oh, and the fibroids are gone!

I think so much has to do with your nutritional status going into the pregnancy. And I truly think that fats and proteins are the most important things, but the veggies and greens definitely help, too. Good luck to you!

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Because you are posting this is TF, I am assuming you know about, or follow this diet?  I totally agree with what sundaya said, protein and fats)from organicly raised, grass fed animals and low mercury fish) are very very important, as are vegetables and some fruit.  I always soak/sprout grains, seeds, etc and feel that that is important.

Here is a very interesting link I found on GD a few weeks ago    If you have not already, I highly recommend signing up for the newsletter and doing your own searches on his site to research and learn more. 

Do you have amalgam/silver/mercury fillings in your teeth?  I have heard that having lots of mercury (which can lead to a leaky gut and candida overgrowth) in your body can really cause a lot of problems with pregnancy and the baby.  I would certainly get them removed if I was going to TTC, but I think your supposed to wait 12-18 months to TTC after removal so your  body can rid itself of most of the mercury.  I also heard your not supposed to drink kombucha (which is very good for you!) if you have mercury fillings.

I'm also assuming your familiar with WAPF dietary guidelines, but if not here is some very good info

I would also stay away from all synthetic hormones such as those found in can linings, plastics such as water bottles, BPA on receipts, parabens in skin care products, etc.

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Beets are AMAZING for blood pressure.

Becky- Wife to DH, Mama to "Nani" (July '08) "Coco" (July '10) and Decker the Wrecker (May'13)
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Originally Posted by CoBabyMaker View Post

Beets are AMAZING for blood pressure.

Oh cool I didnt know that!  I will add that to my list of HBP natural remedies that I give to my friends whenever they are needing a solution for their HBP.  I have had a lot of friends with HBP in pregnancy.  Its funny, they always ask for my advice, I recommend a traditional foods diet with very little sugar and grains, they never take my advice, and end up with a c section around 37wks.....

Anyway, I was just reading about the benefits of coconut water in pregnancy!  And that coconut water can help reduce HBP, so maybe thats another thing worth a try too!  It irritates me that all the bottled coconut waters are pasturized and otherwise processed, so your best bet for that IMO would be getting your own from a fresh, green coconut.

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