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I hope to make this as short as possible, but I will apologize, I do have to add some background and details. 


I'm 27, unofficially/officially diagnosed as Celiac. Also have found through trial and error that I cannot eat dairy, eggs, beef, chicken, pork, seafood, okra, . My GI dr said basically that while I'm not technically "allergic" that my body just can't digest these foods. If I do eat it, I get the shakes, pass out, debillitating cramps, diarrhea, all over body boils and cystic acne all over my face, foggy brain, extreme depression and irribility.  I went GF three years ago, vegan 16 weeks ago.  When I went vegan, nearly all my problems went away. The first 10 weeks I ate purely plant strong, hardly any processed foods. The last 6 weeks - not so much. I tried a hamburger and the next morning had my worst episode ever and passed out in public. Since then I've ate way too many french fries, bean burritos,fried hashbrowns,pancakes. I've lost 18 pounds in those 16 weeks, still have 50 pounds to go (overweight all my life, sick and dieting most of it)


DH is easy - he eats whatever I fix. No allergies or health issues. 


DS6 is a ball of health issues.  He's had pneumonia twice this year, been hospitalized for 4 days in Sept. for severe athsma.  We were told by prick test that he's allergic to dairy. No blood testing yet.  He's in public school. He's sick nearly ALL the time. We've spent so much money on drs and hospital fees and pharmaceuticals this year.  Monday his fever was 104.8 and at the ER he was rx'ed with the flu and an athsma excaberation.  Out of school all woke up with another fever and what apppears to be a severe ear infection.  He is also very hyper - all the time. Hes also quite sensitive to artifical red 40. He's my picky eater.  He's 6 and wearing size 4 - only weighs 41 pounds. 


DS4 is not as sickly and wears and weighs the same as DS6. He'll eat almost anything - beets, onions, turnips, etc. Not sick that much. - except for this week since big brother can't be sick alone!


My question is this - I've been couponing and have all this food that I know is technically junk.  I beat myself up over this way of feeding them - and I connect being sick all the time to the lack of quality of our food.  I'm honestly wondering if changing our food/way of eating would keep some of this sickness out of our home! 


I'm weary. We've been sick so much - DH works SO much that I'm compeltely exhausted being the only caretaker for two kids. This year alone we've been to the pediatrician, hospital or dr at least 30 times between the three of us. :(  Any suggesions for revamping my entire life to give us better health? 


Yes I'm also hoping to change on cleaning supplies, soaps, etc. as well Also cutting out burning mainstream candles but that's for another board. ;)


Please help!!!


eta: i wanted to add something after thinking about it: It's not like we eat only doritos and hamburgers.  We eat fast food once a week, maybe a $20 sit down meal once every two or three months.  We have a huge garden that we grow all our onions, peppers, cabbage, squash, tomatoes, okra, lima beans, green beans, watermelon, canteloupe, zucchini etc. in - and I can/freeze everything. Those things are grown organically already and we eat from those items - I don't buy them conventionally. We bought grass fed beef last spring and just about have eaten it all.  The junk food I meant was ramen noodles, boxed potatoes (b/c they were free), canned soups, little debbie cakes, pizza, frozen fries, frozen meat dinners - I know how to fix everything from scratch, have done it before - I've just gotten lazy I guess and when the items were cheap or free i bought them for a day when I'm tired...which lately is more often than not.  We do eat every meal together that we can and I'm adamant about the kids having a veg at every meal - and we go through a boatload of fruit each week. My kids would rather have an apple than a granola bar, but they just expect a little debbie after their meal, :)

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wow it sounds like you have been through a lot and really have your hands full. living with celiacs would be really difficult.

as yoiu probably know celiacs disease is caused by hypersensitivity to the gliadin in gluten, which is present in wheat , barely and rice. the hypersensitivity reaction causes damage to the intestinal mucosa. it typically affects the first part of the small bowel where ironand folate are absorbed , so this can result in iron deficiency anemia. this is probably increased by having a vegan diet and would make you feel very exhausted.

are you taking any multivitamins ?

eating healthy food would certainly make you a lot healthier. I lived on 2 minute noodles once and it made me feel very lethargic.

asthma management involves removing triggers, smoke from candles should probably be avoided. I have an asthma attack if someone is burning incense

I hope that helps a bit
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