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momofboys2's Avatar momofboys2 02:14 PM 06-21-2013

I would like to know if organic cheese which isn't raw, still has health value?


Does it still have vitamins and calcium, etc, even if it's not raw cheese?  My son't been begging for food with cheese, but since I found out about raw vs regular cheese I've been reluctant.  Now I'm wondering if there's still health value in it?  I'm thinking of cheddar and mozzarella cheese, but I would also like to know if cottage cheese has any health value in it too.  I don't know if heat destroys everything, including nutrition too?


Thank you!

amcal's Avatar amcal 07:48 PM 06-22-2013

I don't know if you follow Mercola but  he just had an article about the health benefits of cheese.  And, there was just another article that the big "raw" cheese makers aren't really making raw cheese - they are still heating the milk.  Personally, I think pastured cheese is way more important than raw cheese unless you're able to get pastured and raw from a small local farmer who is really making raw cheese.  


I buy grass fed cheese from Trader Joes and Dubliner cheese from the makers of Kerry Gold butter - also pastured. 

momofboys2's Avatar momofboys2 08:35 PM 06-22-2013

Oh!  I had no idea of that about raw cheese-not being raw (heated milk--wow, that blows things totally out of the water). 


Yes, I do follow Mercola, in fact.  But raw cheese has been higher in my thinking level, ruling out other options.  Thank you for your thoughts, that cheese still is healthy.  (if it's organic, I mean as far as I'm concerned I'd be getting organic.)  I'd need to heat the cheese anyway, even if I could get it from a local farmer, because my son wants the cheese in a heated meal.


Thanks so much.  This eases my mind and gives me hopeful thoughts on cheese.

fruitfulmomma's Avatar fruitfulmomma 08:58 PM 06-22-2013

I think the raw means the milk hasn't been pasteurized prior to the begining of cheesemaking. I am not sure it would be possible to make truly raw cheese as the heat helps the coagulation process.


Anyway personally we eat a ton of cheese around here and can't always afford raw or whatever. If money is an issue, just get the best you can, as long as it is real cheese and not cheese stuff. 

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