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Leslie4245's Avatar Leslie4245 09:20 AM 07-14-2013
Hi everyone,

I've been making broth for a while now, but am going to start a new batch of chicken broth today and thought I'd get your thoughts.

I usually start it with just water and a splash of ACV, then try to keep it cooking for as long as possible, until I can tell the bones have demineralized. I've tried making a second batch with the bones and it just seems that I lose a lot of the richness doing it that way. In talking to the woman who provides my meat, she said she does it the same way I do.

For the questions:
--Do you use the bones more than once?
--I bought one pack each of chicken backs, necks, and feet from the Farmer's Market, along with a bone-in breast with skin. Is there anything else I should add? (I've made broth with a whole chicken before, but I've had the most success with these things so far.)
--Do you do any seasoning in your initial broth? My brother and I are in a debate over this! I don't put other stuff in it initially, but he says it's better with onions and spices from the beginning.

Thanks! smile.gif

tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 11:14 AM 07-14-2013
  1. No
  2. Nope
  3. I add a few cut garlic,a couple of celer stalks and a carrot..maybe a bay leaf and definitely salt. Then when done I discard the initial veggies then strain
  4. Good luck!

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