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nstewart's Avatar nstewart 03:02 PM 03-18-2014

Hi all, I usually make chicken broth with my chicken carcasses after we've eaten the meat.  However, I can't keep up with demand for broth that way, so I've purchased organic chicken backs and necks to make broth with.  Question: Do I roast the chicken first (as I would with beef bones) or do I just throw them in the pot with veg and herbs?  Any recipes or techniques would also be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!!

Hopwood04's Avatar Hopwood04 08:07 PM 03-18-2014

Yes you just throw them in a pot and boil them.


Have you ever heard of chicken bouillon cubes or buying chicken broth in the can?

nstewart's Avatar nstewart 08:14 PM 03-18-2014
Originally Posted by Hopwood04 View Post

Have you ever heard of chicken bouillon cubes or buying chicken broth in the can?



I make chicken broth from scratch because it tastes better and it is so so healthy for my family.  The same benefits will not be derived from canned broth or bouillon cubes.  I think most people who post in Traditional Foods make broth for the same reason.  It is so easy, why buy canned??  

Hopwood04's Avatar Hopwood04 08:27 PM 03-18-2014

I understand and applause.  I was just saying in the time of crunch and you need it now. 

kuntol's Avatar kuntol 02:44 PM 03-20-2014

I think you will get your answer from

artemis33's Avatar artemis33 11:31 AM 03-22-2014

We have the same problem at our house, so I understand.  Even if I roast a chicken a week, we still rarely have as much stock around as I'd like.


My opinion is to just boil them.    The main reason I roast my chicken first is because that is how I like to eat the meat  (yuck to boiled meat!) but since you woudn't be trying to use meat from those it probably isn't worth the extra step.  Obviously different with beef bones as you mentioned.  I've made stock with a whole raw chicken and it was delicious but I found the meat unpleasant so I just use the leftover bones as you do.


Where did you find the backs/necks if I may ask?  I'd love to purchase a bunch for the freezer but they seem hard to come by.

ballerina85's Avatar ballerina85 01:13 PM 03-22-2014
I use chicken backs and necks lots. We cut them into small pieces and then brown them in oil.. Then take them out and sauté onions, carrots and celery in the fat.. Add back chicken add water.. Put lid on and simmer. It tastes great!
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