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moss's Avatar moss 02:40 AM 08-31-2004
Okay, i've got my Carl's sourdough starter and it absolutely rocks! i've got a loaf in the oven and it's risen more than the conventional bread that i've made in the past!

Next time, i'd like to make MORE! LOL. If i've got the oven on anyways, i'd like to bake enough bread to last for a week, sooo..... how do i double or triple a recipe? Can i just double or triple the amount of flour and water that i'd make my sponge with? And then carry on from there? Is there a limit to how much flour and water i can add to the starter? i dont want to overwhelm it.

OceanMomma's Avatar OceanMomma 05:20 AM 08-31-2004
I'm really bad at following recipes. When I make sourdough, all I do is put some starter in for the sponge & leave it till it looks ready & I am free to make it. I make variable amounts all the time & it comes out OK. I would say if you just leave it a bit longer, or use a bit more starter maybe, it should be fine.

The other thing you could do is put more aside next time for the starter next time you make some so you can experiment but have a back up starter if it goes wrong.