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xenabyte's Avatar xenabyte 05:44 PM 10-22-2004
Hey all:

I have alot of Kefir Grain and Kombucha requests...but have plenty to go around. If you have not PM'd me with your mailing address, this is just a friendly reminder. I will be shipping this Monday, October 25th, 2004.

Most have already given me the address to ship to, but I'm waiting on a few. So PM me early, so I can get the boxes pre-labeled. I don't want to make a mistake, as I really do have alot of requests! hehe...(eek, this doesn't look like Kefir, it looks like a mushroom, and visa versa...)

Also, someone tried to PM me a few days ago, and the box was surprisingly full...so I totally emptied it, so if you were trying to PM me, it's wide open now!

xenabyte's Avatar xenabyte 03:55 PM 10-23-2004
Just keeping this bumped for the weekend, as I need to be real sure (laughs at self) I don't make a mistake. It my sleep deprived state lately, I accidentally labeled a box twice for the same person...thankfully I only shipped one.

I now have a good system and a 'sent already' and a 'pending shipment' list to keep things straight! I hate making mistakes and after PMing someone this morning about a Kombucha shipment...it's all organized better now!

This person is probably laughing at me over the three PMs I sent her this morning, one asking about if she got the shipment, second one saying oh, I found the box and I guess I'm shipping it Monday, then third one saying DOH, that was the 'extra box'...hehe...never mind...