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Traditional Foods > NT'ers do you always make mayo or is there a good one to buy?
wasatchmom's Avatar wasatchmom 01:28 AM 09-29-2005
I can only find soy or canola mayonnaise in the three HFS i've checked. do i just have to homemake it every time?

mountain mom's Avatar mountain mom 01:49 AM 09-29-2005
When I use it, I make it from scratch. Often though, I just use yoghurt cheese with a little vinegar added to it.
yitlan's Avatar yitlan 02:27 AM 09-29-2005
I make mine, too, but there IS one recommended by Fallon. I don't remember the name, but I'll look when I get a chance.
kmamma's Avatar kmamma 06:23 PM 09-30-2005
the mayos I've checked out always have soy oil in them. I have made mayo with half olive and half sunflower but it was just so strong, we never touched it.
I wonder if I should just make it with a less strong olive oil. It'd probably be filtered if so.
HerthElde's Avatar HerthElde 06:27 PM 09-30-2005
Now that I've figured out how to do it, I always make mine. I use that oil blend they suggest with 1/3 sesame oil, 1/3 olive oil, 1/3 coconut oil. I find the olive oil alone is almost a little bitter or something - it just doesn't taste right.
I haven't even looked at the hfs, I can't imagine paying so much for something that isn't that expensive to make at home.
provocativa's Avatar provocativa 04:44 PM 10-01-2005
Mix the olive oil with the lightest oil you enjoy (I sometimes use canola even though its unhealthy). Adjust your proportions according to taste and how you process your mayo. The cheapest olive oil makes a firmer emulsion.