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mamamelia's Avatar mamamelia 03:02 AM 11-30-2005
my toddler is 14.5 months old, and likes to eat little things that she can grab with her hand and shove into her mouth all at once.

i want to feed her according to NT philosophy with little to no carbs. i've noticed her poo is REALLY stinky when she has alot of rice or bread, which means something funky is going on in there!

so tell me!! what are you feeding your toddler???

toraji's Avatar toraji 04:15 PM 12-01-2005
We started eating NT when DD was about 18 months old. She ate a lot of veggie soups made with bone broth and blended salads, which is just a salad-in-a-blender (lettuce, carrots, celery, vinegar/olive oil dressing). Eggs too, scrambled and soft/medium boiled. She had more grain than I wished she would have, it was brown rice and whole wheat bread, with raw butter.
MomInFlux's Avatar MomInFlux 04:22 PM 12-01-2005
Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 07:28 PM 12-01-2005
Bone broths have been big here too, but not great in the finger food department obviously. Olives are probably his favorite finger food but I haven't found any really good ones around here. Apples with almond butter. Salmon jerky.
TopazBlueMama's Avatar TopazBlueMama 09:24 PM 12-01-2005
Mine's not a toddler anymore, but bananas, avacado, egg yolks, yogurt, kefir, raw goat's milk, cod liver oil, squash, cucumber, cooked fruits and butter, and bits of whatever we were having.
motocita's Avatar motocita 12:06 AM 12-02-2005
we just started NT, and so far it's:

shredded chicken (pastured, organic)
cut up small chunks of raw cheese
home made almond butter & raw honey on sprouted bread (caution: spread it very very thin to prevent choking)
black or kidney beans (soaked, fermented)
oatmeal with raw butter & applesauce
tiny chicken salad sandwiches with homemade mayo, celery, lemon juice, & parsley
yogurt smoothies w/home made yogurt & raw honey
chili with kidney beans & beef

been eating this way for about a month. admittedly, it is time for something new, so i'll be watching this thread.

Hibou's Avatar Hibou 03:26 AM 12-02-2005
smoothies with kefir, cod liver oil blended in, sometimes coconut milk.
small chunks of meat, veggies, fruits, cheese,
raw butter melted on things like corn, potato, etc.,
warm bone broth in a cup with a straw!
kimchi and pickles, cut up into little bits,
ice cream made with raw cream, honey, eggs, and vanilla.
fresh juice (made with juicer).

Raw dairy is really important to us, so I stir in a spoonful of butter, milk, or cream wherever I can get away with it.

neither of my kids ever ate "mashed" stuff, although I love the blender-salad idea!!