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Pinky Tuscadero's Avatar Pinky Tuscadero 09:30 PM 02-05-2006
So, I got the book and have been reading, along with what I've been reading here. Today I found that our local natural food store finally started carrying milk from grass fed cows. They have a whole line of dairy products that even come in glass bottles that you have to return!! So, my oats are soaking in buttermilk for my breakfast and I have whole wheat flour soaking in it so I can make and freeze pancakes tomorrow! I'm excited and scared too! I feel like I'm doing a science project with my breakfast! My dh thinks I'm nuts!


toraji's Avatar toraji 01:06 AM 02-08-2006
Congratulations! You should join us in our NT mamas thread!
5terre's Avatar 5terre 02:32 PM 02-08-2006
Can someone tell me what NT is? I've noticed several other threads about it and can't figure it out. Even tried to Google. Thanks.
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 03:02 PM 02-08-2006
NT = Nourishing Traditions. It's a cookbook/nutrition book/philosophy that involves whole, natural, minimally processed foods (such as only unpasturized dairy products and organic meats.)