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juliasmum's Avatar juliasmum 09:03 PM 02-07-2006
I've had starter in my fridge that hasn't been stirred since I was pregnant (8 weeks ago).

It has the black liquid on top.

Can I just stir it and make my bread or should I toss it?

Mountain Chick's Avatar Mountain Chick 09:19 PM 02-07-2006
Quote taken froom:

Care and Feeding: Hooch

Aside from weekly feeding, the only other thing you need to worry about is hooch. Hooch is a layer of watery liquid (often dark) that contains alchohol. It smells a bit like beer, because it is a bit like beer - but don't drink it! Hooch builds up in your starter, especially in the fridge. Just pour it off or stir it back in. It doesn't hurt anything. If your starter is looking dry, stir it back in. If your starter is plenty wet, pour it off. Just remember that hooch is nothing to worry about!